Artist Andy Warhol used bright, bold colors and repeating patterns. Grab these free printable Andy Warhol Pop Art coloring sheets with the look and feel of a Warhol work of art. Combine a repeating pattern, such as soup cans, cats, or ice cream, and bright colors to create fun pop art inspired by the famous artist!

Why Do Art with Kids?

Children are naturally curious. They observe, explore, and imitate, trying to figure out how things work and how to control themselves and their environments. This freedom of exploration helps children form connections in their brains; it helps them learn—and it’s also fun!

Art is a natural activity to support this essential interaction with the world. Kids need the freedom to explore and experiment creatively. Process art is a fantastic way to express creativity.

Art allows children to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life but also for learning. These include the aesthetic, scientific, interpersonal, and practical interactions that can be discovered through the senses, intellect, and emotions.

Making and appreciating art involves emotional and mental faculties!

Art, whether making it, learning about it, or simply looking at it – offers a wide range of important experiences. In other words, it’s good for them!

What Is Pop Art?

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, a cultural revolution was happening, led by activists, thinkers, and artists who wanted to change what they felt was a very rigid style of society.

These artists began looking for inspiration and materials from their surroundings. They made art using everyday items, consumer goods, and media images. This movement was called Pop Art from the term Popular Culture.

Pop Art is characterized by everyday objects and images from popular cultures, such as advertisements, comic books, and consumer products.

One of the characteristics of Pop Art is its use of color. Pop Art is bright, bold, and very relatable! Learn more about color as part of the 7 elements of art.

There are many types of Pop Art, from paintings to silk-screen prints to collage and 3-D artworks.

Who is Andy Warhol?

American artist Andy Warhol was an artist, film director, and producer leading the Pop Art movement. (1928-1987)

Warhol would use commercial mass-produced images in his art. One example of this was a series on Campbell Soup cans. In one painting, Warhol had two hundred Campbell’s soup cans repeated repeatedly. He also created pictures using silkscreen and lithography.

Warhol would use bold primary colors in his work, often straight from the can or the paint tube. These bright colors offered the ability to grab attention quickly.

More famous Pop Art artists include Lichtenstein, Kusama, and Haring!

Free Printable Andy Warhol Pop Art Coloring Sheets

Inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, this Pop Art coloring book is filled with fun pages to recreate his iconic style all year long!

How to Make Andy Warhol Pop Art


  • Pop Art Coloring Sheets
  • Markers
  • Watercolors or paint
  • Paintbrush

Don’t have these materials?

Have fun with oil pastels, crayons, or colored pencils too!

NOTE: To add a mixed media approach, have a variety of supplies handy and alternate which parts of the coloring sheets you color.


STEP 1. Print out the free Warhol Pop Art Coloring Sheets above.

STEP 2. Choose a medium and color the object and the background different colors. If you’re taking a mixed media approach, you can leave some areas blank to apply a different medium later or use a different medium for the background versus the object.

Note: You can see a step-by-step layout for our Pop Art flowers here.


Pop Art Flowers

Andy Warhol Pop Art Self Portrait

Grab this quick Pop Art-inspired self-portrait download! There are a few ways you can recreate your self-portrait in each square. First, take a selfie or look in the mirror to draw a simple self-portrait. You can draw your head, neck, and shoulders but don’t make it too detailed.

The goal is to have the same image in each square. Photocopy, cut, and paste the image into each square. Alternatively, you can trace the image. Use the light from a window, as seen in this self-portrait activity, to help! Of course, if you keep it very simple, you can draw it repeatedly for each square.

Andy Warhol Pop Art Popsicles

You can easily take the Pop Art coloring sheet and turn it into a mixed media collage like this Pop Art popsicle inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.

Printable Famous Artists Project Pack

Want to learn even more about Andy Warhol? He’s featured in this pack!

Inside The Art Pack: Find 22+ famous artists to explore.

Also, look for tips for success, getting started information, and more! Note: Many options for both female artists and POC artists are included as well.

Each artist includes: 

  • Artist Project Sheets, each with three ideas to try.
  • Additional Artist Project Printable Activities to go along with each artist and project.
  • Simple Artist Biography Sheets that are kid-friendly. Get to know each artist!
  • Animated Artist Videos that cover a simple project idea to try for each artist!
  • My Favorite Artist Mini Pack to explore a favorite artist further if desired.
  • Getty Challenge shows you how to try this cool art challenge at home or in the classroom!
  • Supply List to help you fill your art cart for anytime projects!
  • Helpful Tips to make each project successful for Everyone!
  • Bonus Projects Pack Full of Easy Ideas, including a DIY Art Camp!

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