What do you think of when September rolls around? Rolls, get it! We think of apples, and all of the cool apple science experiments there are to try, including an awesome apple browning experiment. I love going out to pick apples with my family, and we also love easy science experiments for kids with a fun apple theme!


Explore Apple Science For Fall

We love to encourage a love of science here and one fun way to do that is to give your classic science experiments cool themes. For the start of fall we love an apple science experiment or two followed by our real pumpkin science activities!

As always our apple experiments don’t require much to get started but encourage hands-on learning and a little play too! Simple supplies you may already have in your kitchen cupboards are all you need. Of course, apples too!

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Encourage preschoolers to elementary kids to think like scientists while they observe, examine, and explore these cool apple science activities below. Using real apples also adds a wonderful sensory component to each activity.

Some of these apple science experiments would also make for a great apple science project!

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Get your free printable apple activities guide!

Apple Science Projects

Click on the activities below to see the set up and demonstration of each apple science experiment or project.

Erupting Apple Volcano

A must try apple science experiment! Make an apple volcano and explore a cool chemical reaction with everyday supplies from your kitchen cupboard.

Apple Volcano

Why Do Apples Turn Brown?

Why do apples turn brown is a classic apple science experiment for kids! Get kids thinking about how to keep apples from turning brown, and learn all about the oxidation of apples.

Apple 5 Senses Activity

There are so many different types of apples to enjoy! Take the great apple taste test and see which apple is your favorite. So simple to set up and includes a free printable worksheet.


Apple Oobleck

Just 2 ingredients for this amazing science activity! Give it a twist perfect for a fall and apple theme lesson.

Apple Oobleck

Apple Gravity Experiment

Race apples and learn about physics for hands-on outdoor fun this fall season.

How Does An Apple Grow

This is a great apple lesson plan that includes literacy resources, parts of an apple activity, and helpful videos!

Parts of an Apple

Balancing Apples

Explore gravity with real and paper apples for this fun apple project.

Balancing Apple

Do Apples Float?

Do apples sink or float in water? Check out this and other fun apple STEM challenges.

Red Apple Slime

Learn about non-Newtonian fluids with a fun apple twist on a favorite slime recipe.

Apple Theme Slime RecipePin
Red Apple Slime

Life Cycle Of An Apple

Learn about how apples grow from a seed to become an apple tree with these printable apple life cycle worksheets. Great to pair with a hands-on apple activity!


More Helpful Science Resources

Here are a few resources that will help you introduce science more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident yourself when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Printable Apple Project Pack

Perfect for Kindergarten and beyond or see our preschool version below!

With more than 125+ pages of apple-themed projects, you can easily plan and prep an apple unit filled with hands-on learning.

Suitable for both classroom and home use in grades Kindergarten through Elementary. Easy to adapt to a wide variety of ages and abilities with more or less adult supervision.

Apple science and STEM is a popular theme for fall, and this pack has you covered from the life cycle of an apple to apple-themed science activities!


Printable Preschool Apple Activities Pack

Get ready to explore this year with our growing Preschool STEM Bundle!

What’s Included:

There are 4 fun preschool themes to get you started. This is an ” I can explore” series!

  • My 5 Senses
  • All About Me
  • Science and Scientist
  • Apples

Each unit contains approximately 15 activities, with instructions and templates as needed. Hands-on activities are provided to keep it fun and exciting. This includes sensory bins, experiments, games, and more! Easy supplies keep it low cost, and book suggestions add the learning time. 

Or grab the Apple Preschool Pack on it’s own!


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