Welcome to everything you need to get started with FALL STEM activities! This will be your ultimate resource page to take you from September through to December with hands-on STEM activities. It not only includes cool seasonal fall science ideas but also themes like apples. pumpkins and of course Halloween STEM and Thanksgiving STEM ideas!


Fall STEM Activities and Fall Science Experiments for Kids


Do you love STEM but still want to learn more about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)? Check out our STEM guide complete with non -seasonal ideas and ways to apply STEM at home, in the classroom, for homeschooling, and more.

Let’s jump right into fall with apple orchards and pumpkin picking and fall leaves, all the best signs of fall! Below you will find everything organized by time of season, so apples will come first.

Make sure to scroll through to Halloween and Thanksgiving, we have some fun themed science and STEM ideas for these holidays.

Enjoy STEM activities through the holidays and special days that kids love! The novelty of the holidays presents that perfect opportunity to experiment with classic science activities, technology, engineering and mathematics that make up STEM.  Fall STEM activities you can do with kindergarten, preschoolers to even middle schoolers.

Our Fall projects are easy to set up and budget-friendly, so you actually have time to try a few or all of them! I know life is busy and time is limited, but you can give kids a fun taste of science just the same with fall STEM activities.

Check out your local dollar store and craft store for great items to use for your fall activities. Each season we add a couple of new items! Simply clean off your items, store in zip-top bags, and place in a storage bin for use next year! Also check out our must have printable STEM supplies list!


Let’s get started! Click on all the links that are colored red, orange, and brown!

Plus, you will even find a few printable activities to go along with some of these fall STEM activities.

NEW! >>> Why Do Fall Leaves Change Color


Enjoy a fun fizzing chemical reaction with an Apple Volcano.

Use real apples to learn about the Parts Of An Apple, as well as parts of an apple coloring page.

Build your own Apple Boats. Will they float?

Awesome fun to play with, make Apple Oobleck for hands-on science.

Explore the concept of gravity with Apple Races.

Use real apples and our printable worksheet in this Apple Fractions activity.

Develop observation skills with Apple 5 Senses.

Can you Balance a paper Apple? Printable included.

Try this fun apple browning experiment.

Learn about the life cycle of an apple.

Why Do Apples Turn Brown?


It’s no secret that we love slime around here, but we also love the changing seasons and holidays. So of course we need a collection of fall slime recipes to try out.

My favorite slime recipe… Pumpkin Slime made inside a real pumpkin!

Slime is a must try kid’s science activity! You will find easy slime videos and everything else you need to know to make the best slime in our Ultimate Slime Guide.

Real Pumpkin Slime


Take the Fall LEGO challenge and see what you can build! Give the kids new challenges for creating cool fall LEGO builds. Check out how we added a real pumpkin to our LEGO play in 2 ways. It’s super cool!

LEGO ideas for fall.

Click below to get your printable Fall STEM challenges


We have an awesome collection of fall STEM activities exploring real pumpkins.   You will find a few of the ideas listed below.

PLUS, we have added a great pumpkin STEM book collection that’s perfect for pairing with some of these activities.

Additionally, we really got into enjoying white pumpkins or ghost pumpkins last year, and you can see some more cool science activities we checked out as well.

Build A Pumpkin Clock

Introduce your preschoolers to chemistry with this Pumpkin Volcano.

Enjoy simple physics with Rolling Pumpkins.

Try this Rotting Pumpkin experiment.

Parts of A Pumpkin Investigation Tray

Use real pumpkins for Measuring Pumpkins.

Enjoy easy 2 ingredient, Pumpkin Oobleck.

Have fun with a parts of a pumpkin coloring page.

Set up this Pumpkin Tunnel Challenge.

Soluble science with a Pumpkin STEAM Art Activity.

Build a Pumpkin Geo Board for Fall math.

Try this fun Five Little Pumpkins STEM Challenge.

Pumpkin Geoboard


Nothing screams Halloween STEM like erupting Jack O’Lanterns, spooky density towers, and ghostly structures! We make sure to enjoy the major holidays with tons of themed STEM activities. Not to mention, they are all pretty easy to set up.

Kids will love this puking pumpkin experiment.

Learn about the densities of liquids with a Spooky Density Tower.

Try this fun Dissolving Peeps experiment.

Make Vampire Slime {taste safe}.

Build Ghostly Structures.

Try a Fizzy Ghost experiment with baking soda and vinegar.

Enjoy some Spidery Oobleck.

For more spooky Halloween STEM ideas check out our 31 Days of Halloween STEM Activities

Pumpkin Jack Experiment


Thanksgiving is often an overlooked holiday for activities other than those that teach gratitude and being thankful! However, there are a few fun STEM and science activities that fit the theme nicely. Plus we have printable I SPY pages for Thanksgiving Day.

Make Homemade Butter

Dancing Corn Experiment

Slime In A Pumpkin

Do Cranberries Sink or Float and Reversible Change

Cranberry Structures and Engineering

Make Cranberry Secret Messages

And more.. there are some neat extra ideas in the fun post.

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We hope you enjoy this giant fall STEM activities guide! While you are here, make sure to check out all our fall art ideas and fall crafts too!