Learn about an apple life cycle with these fun printable apple lifecycle worksheets! The life cycle of an apple tree is such a fun activity to do in the fall! Pair it with these other apple activities too.



Learning about apples is such a fun fall subject and kids love it! We always try to incorporate some apple activities each fall because there are so many ways to use them in any subject.

This apple life cycle pack below is a great way to learn about how an apple grows from a seed into an apple tree, which then produces fruit we enjoy as food.

Use these life cycle of an apple worksheets to accompany hands-on learning and watch those lessons really stick with students! These apple life cycle activities for preschoolers to elementary are a great way to incorporate STEM into the classroom or your home!

If you want to more apple theme ideas to accompany this apple life cycle activity pack, you could also do some apple art projects, investigate why apples turn brown with this experiment or even learn about fractions using apples!



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Seed. First comes the seed. Plant an apple seed in the ground and watch it grow!

Tree. Once the seed grows and grows it will change into a sapling, and then a tree!

Flower. When the tree is old enough to bear fruit, it will bud and then flower into beautiful blossoms!

Fruit. Those beautiful flowers will then change into an apple and ripen into fruit right on the tree, ready to eat!

Use the worksheets (free download below) to learn, label, and apply the stages of the life cycle of an apple. Students can draw or write the stages of an apple so they can visualize the circle of life.



Seed. Every big thing starts from something small! A big apple tree starts from a small brown apple seed.

Sprout. When the seed is planted, its life begins as a tiny apple tree sprout.

Sapling. As it grows, the apple tree changes from a sprout to a sapling. A sapling simply means, “a young tree.

Tree. Once it is full grown and ready to begin producing fruit, it will produce buds and flowers so the fruit can grow. It usually takes about 7-10 years!

Fruit. Once the flowers blossom and bloom, they will grow into apples on the tree! Once they’re ripe they can be picked, and their seeds can be planted to start the cycle over again.

Also learn about where apple trees fit in the food chain!

Use the worksheets to label the parts of an apple tree. Students can cut and paste the parts of an apple tree and place them in the appropriate places.

You can also talk about how an apple tree will grow and change through the seasons of the year. We talked about things that stay the same each season, and the things that change with each season.

If your students are older, you can have them write their observations down in the sections provided on the sheet.



Stem. The thin woody part that holds an apple to the apple tree until it’s ripe is called the stem. It’s usually still attached to an apple when your purchase it.

Leaves. Many times apples will also take a leaf or two when them when they fall or are picked from the tree.

Skin. The red, green, or yellow outside of an apple is called the skin.

Flesh. The white fruit under the skin and on the outside of the core of an apple is called the flesh. This is what we eat and enjoy.

Core. The center, harder part of an apple is called the core. We do not usually eat the core, and it’s where the seeds are housed within an apple.

Seed. The center of the inside of an apple is where you will find the seeds! Each apple usually contains 4-6 seeds inside.

This section is a great way to incorporate hands-on learning! Have students bring their own apples to class, or provide one for each child.

Help them discover the parts of the apple by cutting them open and seeing and feeling the parts with their own eyes and hands!

We also talked about the differences between yellow, red, and green apples. We talked about how their skin felt differently, how their size varied, and how the flesh was the same no matter the color of the skin of the apple.

Have them keep a record of their findings by writing the parts of the apples in the blank boxes on the sheet. Go ahead and try an apple taste test for the senses while you’re at it!



Turn learning into more interactive activities with these apple activities! We love science, and science activities kids can see and feel for themselves helps them love science too!

Do apples float? You can do this fun apple experiment at home or in a classroom and have students record their findings.

My Apple Observations You can also have students draw an apple tree, including the details that stood out to them, and then write about their apple findings! This will be unique to each student, and we love seeing what each student observed differently.

Click here to get the printable apple life cycle worksheets!

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