Have you ever heard of a sensory kit, sensory toys, or a calm down kit? These are all popular tools for helping kids with their sensory processing systems and emotions in a safe and realistic way. Sensory kits can get expensive when you start looking for specifically designed items to fill them with. Why not put together your own DIY calm down kit with a small budget and keep it accessible for your kids! And make sure to check out our complete collection of sensory play ideas!

Homemade Calm Box for Fidgety or Anxious Kids
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Sometimes kids have big emotions that take over their bodies! Sometimes our kids can just feel fidgety and have a hard time concentrating. Sometimes they may feel nervous and unsure of what’s going on around them. A simple solution is to try a sensory kit or calm box.

Our homemade calm down kit is a great tool to give to your kids when they need something extra to help them out. Leave it out and encourage its use when your kids are experiencing tough times or need to work on sitting still. Keep an eye on what items are used the most or least and make adjustments.

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What should be included in a calming kit?

Your calm down kit should contain items you have found your kids gravitate to in times of need. You can see our suggested sensory toys below. Many came from the dollar store or dollar sections of toys stores and big box stores. You probably have tons of these things that end up in the bottom of boxes, drawers, and behind beds.

Individually, these sensory rich items might not seem like anything helpful. Put them all together in a small self soothe box and you have your own homemade sensory kit.

10 Things To Put In Your Calm Down Kit

  1. Squishy squeeze toys. We made these fun balloon sensory balls and these DIY stress balls for kids!
  2. Fidget friendly toys like our block man.
  3. Light up toys {a favorite here is the light spinner}.
  4. Silly putty {not a favorite here}. Check out our easy putty recipe!
  5. Bendy people or animals.
  6. Small mirror for making silly faces at yourself.
  7. Spiraled key chains.
  8. Hair elastics or thick rubber bands.
  9. Noise makers {like our lips below or even party blowers}.
  10. Mini plastic snow globe for shaking. Check out how to make your own DIY snow globe.
  11. Mini pin ball game.

Anything that keeps the mind and hands busy is perfect to include in a sensory kit!

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The sensory toys you include don’t have to be specifically labeled for sensory processing. They simply have to be useful to your kids and accomplish the goal of a calm down kit.

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TIP: Pack your sensory kit in a small, secure container with a handle. Take it with you and make it a sensory travel kit.

Make a calm corner in a quiet place in the house. Talk to your kids about why you have it for them.

I also love these free printable calm down cards from And Next Comes L. You can laminate them and include them in the kit for more calm down ideas. This might be especially helpful for going to a relatives house who might need those ideas to help your kids.

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Looking for easy to print activities?

We have you covered…

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Make a portable and budget friendly sensory kit today!

Click on the image below or on the link for more easy sensory ideas for kids.

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  1. What a great idea! I’ve been looking for little fidgety things for my daughter to handle during reading time. This kit is going to come in handy! Thanks so much for the idea!

  2. Great idea well I guess now you can use fidget spinners too and include it in the kit

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