Our Gold Slime recipe is beautiful to play with and feels like liquid gold in your hands! Super easy to make and even more fun to play with, this gorgeous gold glitter slime uses just 2 ingredients! Make for St Patrick’s Day or anytime of the year! We love awesome homemade slime.

Play With Glitter

Who doesn’t love anything gold and sparkly? We originally made our gold slime for St. Patricks Day, but really gold slime is awesome for anytime of the year. We also have made these awesome silver and gold glitter bottles as well as metallic slime!

Slime making is a serious matter with kids, and I know everyone is looking for the best slime recipes around. Our Gold Slime Recipe is yet another AMAZING slime recipe we can show you how to make.

Oh and slime is science too, so don’t miss the great information on the science of slime below. Watch our awesome slime videos and see how easy it is to make the best gold slime!

Basic Slime Recipes

All of our holiday, seasonal, and everyday slimes use one of five basic slime recipes that are super easy to make! We make slime all the time, and these have become our go-to favorite slime recipes! Here we use our Glitter Glue Slime recipe.

Glitter glue slime is one of our favorite sensory play recipes! We make it ALL the time because it is so quick and easy to whip up. A few simple ingredients (liquid starch is one) are all you need!

Where do I buy liquid starch?

We pick up our liquid starch in the grocery store! Check the laundry detergent aisle and look for the bottles marked starch. Ours is Linit Starch (brand). You might also see Sta-Flo as a popular option. You can also find it on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and even craft stores.

But what if I don’t have liquid starch available to me?

This is a pretty common question from those who live outside of the United States, and we do have some alternatives to share with you. Click on the link to see if any of these will work! Our saline solution slime recipe also works well for Australian, Canadian and UK readers.

Now if you don’t want to use liquid starch, you can absolutely test out one of our other basic recipes using saline solution or borax powder. We have tested all these recipes with equal success!

Free Printable Slime Recipe Cards

We love the super stretch of this amazing, glittering gold slime!

Gold Slime Recipe for KidsPin

How To Make Gold Slime

Time to make slime! Grab your ingredients and let’s get started. If you don’t have the chance to pick up this extra bottle of gold glue, you can still make a cool gold slime by adding extra glitter!


  • Liquid Starch {laundry aisle}
  • Gold Glitter Glue
  • Clear Washable School Glue
  • Extra Gold Glitter {optional}
  • Water
  • Mixing Bowl, Measuring Cup, Spoon
  • Container for Slime
gold slime recipe suppliesPin


STEP 1: Fill a 1/2 cup measuring container about 2/3 with glitter glue and 1/3 with the clear glue and add to your bowl.

TIP: You can easily get these little bottle of gold and silver glue from the dollar store. They are about 1.5 oz. Squeeze as much as you can into your 1/2 cup and fill the rest of the way with clear glue. Adding a small amount of the clear washable PVA school glue to the gold craft glue helps to bind it all together creating a wonderful, stretchy gold slime!

STEP 2: Add 1/2 cup of warm water to the glue and mix together as best as you can.

STEP 3: Next add 1/2 cup of liquid starch to the mixture and combine.

Note: This glue mix will not absorb all the starch like our traditional liquid starch slime recipe does. That’s ok, just discard the leftover liquid.


STEP 4: Now spend some time kneading the slime with your hands, and it will be lovely!

The warmth of your hands really gets slime going! It does like to stick to the container but once you get it out and knead it, it’s amazing!

Gold Slime recipe stretchy sensory play recipePin

This gold slime is soft, stretchy, and very fluid. It’s a bit stickier than our other slime recipes and can stretch so thin that you may need to peel it off. I think it feels like liquid gold slime!

Get some on clothes, no worries!! Check out 3 ways you can easily get slime out of clothing.

TIP: You can make silver slime with the same recipe using silver glue and silver glitter!

Silver and gold slime recipe for kids to make metallic slimePin

The Science of Slime

We always like to include a bit of homemade slime science around here! Slime is an excellent chemistry demonstration and kids love it too! Mixtures, substances, polymers, cross-linking, states of matter, elasticity, and viscosity are just a few of the science concepts that can be explored with homemade slime!

What’s slime science all about? The borate ions in the slime activators (sodium borate, borax powder, or boric acid) mix with the PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue and forms this cool stretchy substance. This is called cross-linking!

The glue is a polymer and is made up of long, repeating, and identical strands or molecules. These molecules with flow past one another keeping the glue in a liquid state. Until…

You add the borate ions to the mixture,  and it then starts to connect these long strands together. They begin to tangle and mix until the substance is less like the liquid you started with and thicker and rubbery like slime! Slime is a polymer.

Picture the difference between wet spaghetti and leftover spaghetti the next day. As the slime forms, the tangled molecule strands are much like the clump of spaghetti!

Is slime a liquid or solid?

We call it a non-Newtonian fluid because it’s a little bit of both! Experiment with making the slime more or less viscous with varying amounts of foam beads. Can you change the density?

Did you know that slime aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)?

It does and you can use slime making to explore states of matter and its interactions. Find out more below…

Helpful Slime Making Resources To Get You Started

These are the best resources to look through before, during, and after making your awesome gold slime!

More Fun Slime Recipes To Try

Check out more awesome slime ideas for St Patrick’s Day, as well as some of our favorite slime recipes…

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  1. Are you using liquid or solid cornstarch with this? I’m looking for a solid cornstarch recipe. Thanks! And your bog has some great ideas!

  2. This is a liquid starch from the laundry aisle. You can make oobleck with powdered cornstarch and water. Use the search bar on the homepage and search oobleck!

  3. Have you ever bought other brands of washable clear glue, that are available by the gallon? I want to do this for a birthday party, and it would be much less expensive to get the big bottle, but I see that some other glues have failed to work, so wanted to know your experience.

  4. I have an d it has been sort of hit or miss if they work or not. I am not quite sure what the difference is. Though I did make a slime with a portion of dollar store glitter glue and the rest Elmer’s. You may end up with a stickier, messier slime.

  5. Hi, I live in Canada and we don’t have the liquid starch here. Trust me, I have tried everywhere! Do you know a substitute? There are Borax slime recipes that work but the latest research is not to use Borax for children. I love slime so I hope you can help me. thanks for your reply, Marsha…[email protected]

  6. We are testing out a couple recipes and if you look at our alternative slime recipes post you might find something that works for you!

  7. The clear Elmer’s school glue is available ( or I should say that it used to be) through school supply catalogs for teachers and parents that home school. I did both 30 years ago. We did not have online ordering. It must be so much easier now! I apologize I do not remember the clear glue but I know that I purchased gallon jugs of white glue. And for the lady from Canada that cannot find liquid starch it is very simple to make using the powdered starch. The recipe should be on the container. Make sure that you get laundry starch! I hope that everyone takes the time to share smiles and hugs with your children and the rest of the world! Enjoy!

  8. It seems Elmers washable glue is in short supply now! I usually order mine off Amazon. Liquid starch is not available in Canada although Borax powder is. Some people do not care to use the borax powder though. We also have a stretchy slime recipe that uses eye drop solution that might be more readily available in Canada which contains boric acid. Pleas make sure to not substitute ingredients of the slime recipe does not call for it. This can be potentially harmful.

  9. I’m a dunce and used cornstarch. Afterward I realized she meant liquid starch. Also it’s not listed in the ingredients list so I was in the middle of it and that’s when the fatal flaw happened. I just stuck it in the fridge for tomorrow when I buy liquid starch.

    That was my 2nd “slime” recipe of the day that failed.

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  15. Okay, I’m not sure what we did wrong but the slime never thickened to the point we could take it out of the container to knead. We tried it twice and followed the directions with the same brands of the ingredients and all I have is liquid glitter glue now. Any ideas on how we could fix it?

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