Take on this LEGO Rainbow Challenge with your kiddos this spring! These printable rainbow theme LEGO challenge cards are the perfect way to breathe new life into your building challenges this season! Learn the colors of the rainbow with easy LEGO builds for spring or St Patrick’s Day. LEGO activities are perfect all year round!


What Do LEGO STEM Challenges Look Like?

STEM challenges are usually open-ended suggestions to solve a problem. That’s a big part of what STEM is all about!

Ask a question, develop solutions, design, test, and retest! The tasks are meant to get kids thinking about and using the design process with Lego!

What’s the design process? I’m glad you asked! In many ways, it’s a series of steps an engineer, inventor, or scientist would go through to solve a problem. Learn more about the steps of the engineering design process.

Build A LEGO Rainbow

All you need is a set of basic LEGO blocks in as many bright colors as possible and a base plate!  We used a 10 x 10 blue base plate, making a great sky for our LEGO rainbow.

You could also use large blocks for this fun LEGO challenge if doing it with a younger child!  I came up with two LEGO rainbow ideas for the whole family. Even Daddy loves playing with LEGO too! You’ll find some extra ideas below too.

How Many Colors in a Rainbow?

7 colors! There are seven colors in a rainbow. Even though you may not be able to pick out each one, ROY G BIV is on the scene! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. We tend to use only six colors when we draw and color a rainbow.

Lego Rainbow Challenge Building Rainbows ActivityPin

Rainbow Build #1

First, we made a rainbow with clouds. His task was to recreate the rainbow! He needed to study my Lego rainbow to make his. He used visual skills, building skills, math skills, fine motor skills, and more.

Rainbow Build #2

Then we had fun creating all sorts of rainbows with the pieces we had left. It’s pretty simple and fun to invent small Lego rainbows.

There are so many amazing benefits associated with LEGO play. Building with LEGO is one of the best early childhood learning tools. We have used our bricks in dozens of ways that don’t require specialty pieces or a huge collection. Check out all our cool LEGO activities for more fun LEGO building.

More Rainbow Theme Brick Challenges

Here are some more fun ways to build with the colors of the the rainbow. Make sure to grab the printable rainbow challenges below!

  • Instead of building up and over as we did, build a flat rainbow on a baseplate!
  • Build a rainbow tower alternating brick colors. How high can you go?
  • Build a garden of rainbow flowers!
  • Build your name or initials with a rainbow theme.
  • Build a rainbow monster!

Grab these FREE printable LEGO rainbow challenges

More Printable LEGO Challenge Cards

We have a variety of free printable LEGO building challenges for themes and special days, including St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, and Spring! We also have animals, pirates, and space for general themes! Make sure to grab them all!

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