What do hot cocoa and igloos have in common? Marshmallows, of course! Take this fun winter craft and build an igloo out of the white squishy candy as a fun way to explore the winter season. Hopefully, more of the marshmallows make it onto the igloo and not into the mouth! You can also add in some toothpicks and build your own marshmallow structures.


What Is An Igloo?

An igloo is a type of shelter made from blocks of ice placed on each other, usually in the shape of a dome. Hunters used Igloos in winter as temporary shelters when they were away from their homes.

Igloos are the traditional dwellings of the Inuit and other Arctic peoples, and have several features that make them well-suited as shelters in extremely cold environments.


Igloos are constructed with snow blocks, which provide excellent insulation. Snow is a natural insulator, trapping warm air and preventing the cold from penetrating the structure. The thick walls of the igloo help to retain the heat generated by the occupants.

Wind Resistance

The rounded dome shape of an igloo is aerodynamic and helps to minimize the impact of strong winds. This design reduces wind resistance, preventing the structure from being easily damaged or collapsing during storms.

Compact Design

The circular shape of an igloo is efficient in terms of space utilization. It minimizes the surface area exposed to the external cold environment, helping to conserve heat generated inside.

Thermal Mass

The snow blocks used in igloo construction have high thermal mass, meaning they can absorb and retain heat. This helps to regulate the temperature inside the igloo, keeping it relatively stable.

Clever Entrance Design

The entrance to an igloo is typically lower than the main living area. This design helps to trap cold air at the entrance, preventing it from directly entering the warmer interior and minimizing heat loss.

The sleeping area in the igloo is raised because warm air rises and cooler air settles.  The igloo’s entrance acts as a cold trap, while the sleeping area holds the warm air from a stove, lamp, warm bodies, or other means. 

Igloos are part of the cultural heritage of Arctic communities, and their design reflects generations of knowledge about survival in extreme cold. The construction techniques have changed over time to prioritize comfort and functionality.

Learn About More Adaptions To Extreme Cold:

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How To Make A Marshmallow Igloo

Can you make an igloo out of marshmallows? Try your hand at this fun marshmallow-building challenge!


TIP: Feel free to use cotton balls or pom poms as an alternative to marshmallows!

  • Marshmallows
  • Glue
  • Plastic coffee cup lid
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate


STEP 1. Cut a “door” out of the lid about 1 inch wide.


STEP 2. Use a paper plate as your base and glue a circle of marshmallows around the bottom of the lid. 


STEP 3. Glue a second circle of marshmallow on top of the first layer.


STEP 4. Repeat until the plastic lid is covered.


STEP 5. Glue more marshmallows on the top to make the igloo taller.


Bonus Activities With Marshmallows

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