Whether you actually get snow or not, you can still enjoy building winter LEGO creations. Our fun winter LEGO ideas are perfect for building with Lego when you are bored during the winter season with fun themes like snowmen and snowflakes. What will you build first? We have tons of fun LEGO building ideas for kids.

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Things To Build With LEGO This Winter

LEGO building provides not only hours of creative and imaginative play but also numerous opportunities for learning. Our winter LEGO building challenges are more like prompts to get you thinking and give you a few ideas to roll with.

I am excited to work out some of these too with my son. We have done a few already! The best part of these winter LEGO building ideas is that you can make it your own and have fun!

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Winter LEGO Building Ideas

Here are some fun winter theme ideas to build with your LEGO bricks. The biggest challenge will be deciding what you want to make first. Perfect indoor activity for kids!


Create a classic snowman using white LEGO bricks for the body and head. Add accessories like a carrot nose, hat, and scarf.

Winter Cottage

Build a cozy winter cottage with white and blue bricks. Include details like a chimney, snow-covered roof, and a warm fireplace inside.

Ski Resort Scene

Construct a small ski resort scene with skiers, a snow-covered mountain, and a ski lodge. Use blue bricks for the sky and white for the snow.

Sledding Hill

Build a hill with a sled at the top and a trail of snow leading down. Add mini-figures enjoying a day of sledding.

Ice Skating Rink

Create a winter scene with an ice skating rink. Use transparent blue bricks for the ice, and include mini-figures skating and enjoying the winter day.

Winter Animals

Build winter animals like penguins, polar bears, or reindeer using LEGO bricks. Add a snowy landscape as their habitat.

Snowy Trees

Construct snow-covered trees using white and brown bricks. Place them in a winter landscape to create a snowy forest.

Check out the instructions here for our winter trees.


Winter Vehicle

Build a winter-themed vehicle, such as a snowplow, snowmobile, or a festive holiday sleigh.

Winter Sports Arena

Create a mini winter sports arena with areas for ice hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. Use mini-figures engaged in various winter sports activities.

Hot Cocoa Stand

Build a small stand or cart selling hot cocoa. Add mini-figures enjoying warm drinks in a winter setting.

Encourage creativity by providing a variety of blue, white, and transparent bricks for the snowy landscape. You can also include winter-themed accessories like hats, scarves, and winter sports equipment to enhance the winter atmosphere in the LEGO builds.

Get our free printable Lego Winter challenge cards here!


More Fun LEGO Builds For When The Kids Are Bored

There are many ways to play with LEGO, and I hope you try a few of these winter LEGO challenges! Let me know if you have a great LEGO winter activity! I love to get new ideas from my readers.

LEGO Games

Bored and stuck inside this winter? Here are some fun ideas for what to build out of LEGO when bored. Plus, you can play the game afterward!

What about making your own LEGO Crayons you can draw with!

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Printable Winter STEM Pack

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