As we stand on the cusp of a brand-new year, what better way to ignite young minds than through the thrill of a STEM challenge! This New Years Eve STEM Challenge invites kids to dive into creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Just one of our fantastic ways to celebrate with New Years Eve activities for kids!


What Is A STEM Challenge?

A STEM challenge is an awesome activity or project that integrates concepts from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM challenges are a great way to promote hands-on learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. These challenges are often open-ended and encourage creativity and innovation.

The goal of a STEM challenge can also be to get kids thinking about real-life applications. See our list at the end for more STEM challenges kids will love!

What Can Kids Learn From This New Years STEM Challenge?

Critical Thinking Skills

STEM challenges encourage kids to think critically, analyze problems, and devise solutions. This New Year’s STEM challenge below is no exception – it prompts participants to strategize, plan, and adapt on the fly.


STEM challenges are great for small groups! If working in teams, kids can develop collaboration skills. In our challenge, collaboration is key to constructing a tall tower or structure, showcasing the power of teamwork.

Creativity Unleashed

STEM challenges unleash the creative spirit in young minds. With simple supplies as their building blocks, participants can explore, experiment, and innovate, fostering a love for creative problem-solving.

Real-world Application

STEM challenges mirror real-world scenarios, offering a taste of what it’s like to tackle challenges faced by scientists, engineers, and inventors. This New Year’s Towering Triumph challenge puts the engineering design process into action.

Learn more about real world STEM projects.

Helpful STEM Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources that will help you introduce STEM more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident yourself when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Using The Engineering Design Process

The engineering design process is a helpful guideline for kids to follow for any STEM challenge! Just follow the steps below…

Define the Problem: The challenge is clear—build the tallest tower or structure using 100 champagne glasses. Participants start by understanding the task at hand and setting goals for their creations.

Research and Brainstorm: Armed with the challenge, kids embark on a journey of exploration. What designs are possible? How can they distribute the weight effectively? The research and brainstorming phase sparks ideas and sets the foundation for their towers.

Design Development: With a vision in mind, participants sketch their designs, considering factors like stability, height, and overall structure.

Build and Test: The magic happens as kids bring their designs to life. Constructing towers using the 100 champagne glasses, they face the real-world stability test. Trial and error become the guiding forces as they refine their creations.

Evaluate and Redesign: Participants evaluate their structures against the criteria as towers take shape. What works well? What needs improvement? The evaluation phase prompts adjustments and redesigns, showcasing resilience in the face of challenges.

Communicate Results: The final step involves showcasing their creations. Participants communicate their journey through photos, videos, or presentations, celebrating the triumphs and lessons learned.

Read more about the engineering design process and grab a free printable guide.


Free New Year STEM Challenge Printable

Get the kids excited for STEM as you ring in the new year with this free New Year’s STEM Challenge printable.

How To Set Up the New Years Eve STEM Challenge

The Challenge:

Build the tallest New Years tower or structure by stacking 100 champagne glasses. It must be free standing!


  • 100 Plastic Champagne Glasses (Dollar Store is a good place to start.)
  • Printable
  • Timer (If planning a set time)


STEP 1: Collect 100 champagne glasses, and let the creativity flow!

STEP 2: Whether working solo or in teams, participants are challenged to build the tallest tower within a set amount of time. Give everyone a few minutes to plan!

STEP 3: Document the process with photos or videos! Draw a prototype if desired.

STEP 4: Discussing and sharing results is a huge part of the scientific and engineering world. Learning how to communicate your findings is an essential skill to learn. See our STEM reflection questions.

Cheers to a STEM-tastic New Year!

The New Year’s Towering Triumph beckons young minds to explore, create, and innovate as we usher in a year of new possibilities. The challenge is not just about building structures but nurturing the skills that will propel the innovators of tomorrow. So, let the towers rise, the creativity soar, and the joy of STEM fuel a year of endless possibilities!


More Fun STEM Challenges To Try

Straw Boat Challenge – Design a boat made from nothing but straws and tape, and see how many items it can hold before it sinks.

Spaghetti Marshmallow Tower – Build the tallest spaghetti tower that can hold the weight of a jumbo marshmallow.

Marshmallow Toothpick Tower – Build the tallest tower using only marshmallows and toothpicks.

Penny Boat Challenge – Design a simple tin foil boat, and see how many pennies it can hold before it sinks.

Gumdrop Bridge – Build a bridge from gumdrops and toothpicks and see how much weight it can hold.

Paper Clip Challenge – Grab a bunch of paper clips and make a chain. Are paper clips strong enough to hold weight?

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