A newly fallen blanket of snow, snowflakes falling steadily through the air, and an easy winter art project, perfect for a winters afternoon! This winter scene is made with nothing but dots! Be inspired by famous artist, George Seurat for a fun winter dot painting the kids are sure to love. We love simple winter activities for kids!


Learn About Artist Georges Seurat and Pointillism

Famous French artist Georges Seurat was the developer of a very scientific way of painting known as pointillism. He used tiny dots of pure color, side by side to build form in his paintings.

These tiny dots of paint when very close together, give the viewer’s eye a chance to blend the color optically, rather than the artist having the colors readily blended on the canvas.

Pointillism art is done with oil paints and is basically just painting with dots. In a more complicated description, it is a technique where you do not mix the pigments of color but instead have varying dots of color that require the viewer to combine the colors. Their mind and eye do it for them.

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Create your own Seurat inspired winter scene with our free printable below. Grab your paint and let’s get started!

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Why Study Famous Artists?

Studying the artwork of the masters not only influences your artistic style but even improves your skills and decisions when creating your own original work.

It is great for kids to be exposed to different styles of art, experiment with different mediums, and techniques through our famous artist art projects.

Kids may even find an artist or artists whose work they really like and will inspire them to do more of their own art work.

Why is learning about art from the past important?

  • Kids who are exposed to art have an appreciation for beauty!
  • Kids who study art history feel a connection to the past!
  • Art discussions develop critical thinking skills!
  • Kids who study art learn about diversity at a young age!
  • Art history can inspire curiosity!

Helpful Art Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources that will help you introduce art more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident yourself when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Click here to get your free printable winter art project!

Winter Dot Painting

We have made this super easy for younger kids or groups of children, with a free printable winter tree outline above. Get creative; what else can you do with this outline?



STEP 1: Print out the trees template and cut around it.


STEP 2: Place the template on top of black paper.


STEP 3: Use toothpick to outline the tree design with dots.


STEP 4: Remove the template and then fill in the winter scene with white dots of paint.


STEP 5: Cut off the edges of the black paper around your dot painting.


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