Holidays are an awesome time to encourage hands on learning with fun themed activities. Our Easter early learning activities and science ideas also include fine motor skills, sensory play, math skills, and simple literacy activities plus more cool stuff!

Easter early learning activities and science ideas that also include fine motor skills, math, literacy, and sensory play


There are so many ways to add early learning activities to your day when you make them holiday themed. We are a big fan of the holidays around here, so why not spend a couple weeks trying out these fun activities.

Our Easter early learning activities are sure to be hit. Plus they are simple and easy to set up for the adults too! You will find cool ideas for just about every area of learning, and we now have an extended Easter science collection to check out.

 Here’s our favorites for Easter early learning activities and play ideas. There are so many more to check out too. Click on the purple links or photographs to get started.

 Fizzy Eggs

Check out a cool chemical reaction with simple kitchen ingredients.

Plastic Egg Races for Easter Physics and Play

Play with plastic eggs! Race them and learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion!

Plastic egg races using plastic Easter eggs. A fun way to explore Easter science and Easter physics with young kids! Rolling eggs to learn about gravity, motion, force, and angles!

Math and Memory Games

Use those plastic eggs to try simple math and memory games using mini erasers!

Easter Egg Games Activity

Find the Chick recognition Games

We show this game using numbers but try letters, sight words, and math problems!

Simple Easter Math Games You Can Make!

There’s lots of fun ways you can use what you have around to make fun and easy games or learning manipulative for your kids.

Nesting Eggs Size Sorting Math Activity

Plastic eggs come in all shapes and sizes. This is terrific for classification skills, size sorting skills, and fine motor skills.

 Easter Letter Recognition Sensory Bin

Play with letters for Easter early learning!

Easter Letter Recognition Sensory Play

 Sink The Egg Science

 Easter Egg Listening & Matching Game

A fun way to create your own listening game using plastic eggs and everyday items!

listening game for kids activity

 Easter Egg Pre-writing Fine Motor Skills

Encourage fine motor skills practice with simple ideas you can set up for a whole week.

Easter Egg Pre Writing and Scissor Skills Activities

 Easter Fine Motor & Color Matching 

A simple Easter learning game that works on color matching and fine motor skills.

Easter Egg Color Matching Fine Motor Game Color Matching Activity

 Easter Egg Water Sensory Wash Play

A simple to set up washing sensory play bin for kids with soapy water and plenty of tools to practice fine motor skills.

Easter Egg Was Water Sensory Play

Easy to Make Easter Glitter Sensory Bottle

Make a super simple and beautiful Easter glitter bottle for kids! Makes a great calm down bottle too.

Easter or Spring Sensory Bin for Kids

Whip up a simple Easter sensory bin using our easy colored rice recipe or a non food filler and pair it with a favorite book!

Click on the photos below for more of our favorite Easter science and STEM activities.


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  1. What a great collection of Easter Learning ideas. I want to try them all with my girls. I know they will love the Easter egg washing. My 11 month old has been having fun with Easter eggs in her bath!

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