Create a pumpkin fairy house and light it up. We have been loving white pumpkins this year for something a little different. White pumpkins are really neat and really decorate for Fall in a different way. Our white pumpkin fairy house with LEGO was super fun and easy to make {use any small props}. Create a small world right inside your pumpkin!


Light Up Pumpkin Fairy House Small World Pretend Play LEGO

Last week we made an orange pumpkin LEGO construction small world which was so much fun and easy to do! Check it  out for more inspiration when creating a pumpkin small world.

MAKE SURE TO TRY:  Hot wheels pumpkin tunnel launcher.

LEGO STEM Small World

We started putting windows into our construction site pumpkin but then decided to create a new pumpkin small world house. Our white pumpkin looked perfect for creating a pumpkin fairy house!

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making a white pumpkin fairy house

A white pumpkin fairy house is the perfect set up for small world pretend play! Create a LEGO scene {or use any type of small props you have}. We created a dinner scene complete with pumpkin seeds!


  • White pumpkin
  • LEGO bricks and figs

We chose a white pumpkin, but you can certainly use an orange pumpkin. LEGO windows and doors, LEGO Minifigures, assorted LEGO pieces for building, and a battery-operated tea light. There are so many little toys you can use, so don’t worry if you don’t have LEGO.

LEGO Small world play with white pumpkin for small


To get ready for your pumpkin fairy house, carved a piece out of the back large enough to get your hands in to set up a scene as you can see above. Clean out your pumpkin. I also rinsed the seeds and dried them for better pretend play.

To place the windows, trace an outline of the piece in the desired location. Use a knife {adults only!} and cut out the shape just like carving a jack o’ lantern. 

White Pumpkin Fairy House

Have fun adding little details to your white pumpkin fairy house. We set up ours like a little kitchen/dining room with a table, cups, chairs, and of course pumpkin seeds.

White Pumpkin Fall themed small world

My son enjoyed adding little accessories that he found in his LEGO bins. We also had fun taking pumpkin fairy house pictures and creating stories.

White Pumpkin Fairy House with LEGO Minifigures

Create a fun Fall afternoon with pumpkin play.

Pumpkin Fairy House


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Make sure to grab the NEW fall challenge calendar too!  

Click below to get your quick and easy brick building challenges.