Make your own LEGO tessellation puzzle. LEGO bricks are so versatile and are the perfect material for STEAM projects of all kinds. Whether you make and test balloon cars, create a zip line, or build a working volcano, LEGO can be used in many different ways. Creating a tessellation with LEGO bricks is a fun LEGO learning activity that’s full of possibilities.

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What Are Tessellations?

LEGO tessellation sounds complicated but it isn’t. Tessellation is also called tiling. It’s one shape that can fit together over and over again without leaving gaps or spaces. Your shape doesn’t have to be a conventional shape either or a shape with nice lines and corners.

The key is consistency. Keep the shape the same. We made as many as we could for our LEGO tessellation activity. Our LEGO tessellation shape is simple and comprised of squares and rectangles. It took some ingenuity to make the most of our LEGO bricks to make as many pieces as possible.

Creating tessellations is a great math activity for young kids. Tessellations help children develop pattern recognition skills as they identify and analyze repeating shapes and designs within the pattern. This strengthens their ability to recognize and predict geometric relationships.

Tessellations also introduce fundamental geometry concepts such as symmetry, congruence, and transformations (translations, rotations, and reflections). They may not know the names but kids are learning about these concepts intuitively as they create and explore tessellating patterns.

And tessellation puzzles make great STEAM activities! Not only do they offer a math component, they also offer opportunities for artistic expression. Explore color combinations, and creative variations as kids make their tessellations unique and visually appealing.

Sounds a bit scary all of this upgrading, high paced learning, but it isn’t. Keeping STEAM fun is an awesome way to get your kids involved. My son loved making these simple LEGO tessellation patterns, and that’s the key. Keep it fun and easy, and your kids will want to try more and more!

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How To Make LEGO Tessellations


  • LEGO bricks (various shapes and colors)
  • Baseplate or flat surface to build on
  • Optional: paper and pencil for planning designs


STEP 1. Choose a variety of LEGO bricks in different shapes and colors. Basic shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and parallelograms work well for creating tessellating patterns.

STEP 2, Before you start building, you may want to sketch out some ideas for your tessellation pattern on paper. Think about how different shapes can fit together seamlessly to cover a surface without any gaps or overlaps.

STEP 3. Begin by placing your LEGO bricks on the baseplate or flat surface to create your tessellating pattern. Experiment with different arrangements and orientations of the bricks to see how they fit together.

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STEP 4. As you build, pay attention to the edges of your pattern to ensure continuity. Each shape should seamlessly connect with the shapes around it to create a cohesive design.

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STEP 5. Tessellations often exhibit symmetry, so consider incorporating symmetrical elements into your design. Experiment with rotations and reflections of your LEGO shapes to create symmetrical patterns.

Here is another fun way to learn about symmetry with LEGO bricks.

STEP 6. Continue building and arranging LEGO bricks until you’ve covered the entire surface of the baseplate or flat surface with your tessellating pattern. Make sure there are no gaps or overlaps between the shapes.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes, colors, and arrangements to create unique tessellations. If you’re not satisfied with your first design, try making adjustments and iterating on your pattern until you’re happy with the result.

Once you’ve completed your LEGO tessellation, proudly display it and share it with others. Encourage friends and family members to admire your creation and discuss the mathematical and artistic concepts behind tessellations.

LEGO Tesselation STEAM ActivityPin

Adding art to STEM makes STEAM, and is a great way to add creativity and design to any project. This tessellation activity becomes a beautiful piece of math art.

This LEGO  project remains on our kitchen table and everyone uses it every day. Great for busy hands. Great for kids and adults. It’s actually quite soothing and calming to fit the shapes and colors together. Try LEGO Tessellation for yourself. Create a shape and see what you can put together.

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