Create your very own LEGO pumpkin small world! Pumpkin play for kids can be much more than carving out a pumpkin, though that is fun, too! This easy-to-set-up pumpkin activity will engage kids in designing, building, and creating their own LEGO pumpkin world. All you need is a good-sized pumpkin and your favorite LEGO bricks. Find out how to enjoy pumpkin STEM activities this fall!

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LEGO and Pumpkins

Pumpkins and fall are just about my favorite time of the year. We have been playing with, creating, and learning about pumpkins already this season with mini pumpkin eruptions, pumpkin tunnels, and pumpkin slime! We can’t get enough pumpkin play, and this time, we added our LEGO pieces and LEGO Mini-figures!

This LEGO pumpkin play idea is so much fun and can be extended in so many ways. We spent a whole day creating ideas, stories, and scenes. We used our engineering and building skills and engaged in tactile sensory play. If you want, add a pumpkin investigation into the activity too.

I can’t wait to take this pumpkin play LEGO activity outside at night and add a light to it. I picked up a package of battery-operated tea lights, which I imagine will look pretty cool. The ideas are endless. Create a whole city! This truly is simple Fall STEM and sensory play in one!  

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How To Set Up Your LEGO Pumpkin Play

While you’re at it, try these Fall LEGO challenges!


  • Pumpkin (big enough to fit little hands inside)
  • LEGO bricks and figs


STEP 1. Prepare your pumpkin.

For our simple LEGO pumpkin play small world, I purchased a baking pumpkin from the supermarket. You can go larger if you want!

We have a big pumpkin jack waiting outside. Instead of cutting around the stem as you would for carving a pumpkin, I took a chunk out of the side {little hands need to get in there and play}.

Clean out the pumpkin as much as you like unless you want your LEGO Minifigures to do all the work. I actually cleaned out much of the slimy stuff and rinsed the seeds off.

While we went to the pumpkin patch, I let the seeds dry on a cookie sheet. Great for an easy pumpkin math activity later on!

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STEP 2. Add a theme.

I had a little surprise set aside for our LEGO pumpkin play, a 3-1 LEGO construction vehicle. I love these $5 sets. They are so versatile. Plus, he can sit and build it completely on his own.

While I cleaned and scraped the pumpkin, he built the front loader. Our pumpkin play makes a cool construction site.

More Theme Ideas You Could Use:

  • Construction
  • Minecraft
  • Halloween
  • House
  • Animals

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STEP 3. Time to play!

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our LEGO pumpkin play. All you need to do is grab your LEGO bricks and Mini-figures and get started. We also have the LEGO City Mining set, so we added some of the pieces to our pumpkin play small world.

Enjoy outside-the-box, creative LEGO play!

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Bonus Idea: Add Windows!

Add windows to your pumpkin play! This was easy and made an excellent addition to our LEGO small world. I traced around a window piece and cut out the pumpkin. If it’s a bit tight, carve a little more around the opening. Wiggle and press the window into place. So cool!

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LEGO Pumpkin Play Small World Excavating Pumpkin SeedsPin

More Fun Things To Do With Real Pumpkins

You don’t need to celebrate Halloween to enjoy pumpkin science experiments. Try one or all of the ideas below!

Printable Pumpkin STEM Pack

Perfect for K-2/3rd Grade and homeschool! Many activities can be modified for preschool and older kiddos as well.

Pumpkin is a festive and classic theme for fall and this pack is perfect for exploring pumpkins with a non-Halloween theme! Includes science, STEM, engineering, early math, and art projects.

100+ pages of “totally doable” projects the kids will have a blast trying! Read more here.