Do you like to collect treasures on the beach? How about making a beach in a bottle? We head to the beach every year, so last year, we took some home to play with all year round! We gathered all sorts of shells, sea glass, seaweed, and beach sand! This year, awaiting our annual beach trip, we made a simple beach discovery bottle for easy ocean theme sensory play.

Beach Discovery Bottle Science and Fine Motor Skills ActivityPin

Ocean Sensory Play

Start with a beach sand sensory bin before making your beach discovery bottle. We enjoyed great sensory play with this easy sand sensory bin. We collected beautiful shells along the beach, including dried seaweed and glass. I love the feel of beach sand.

This is a great time to talk about the ocean, what animals live inside the shells, and how beaches are made!

Make An Ocean Sensory Bin

Use your beach finds or pick up ocean sensory bin materials at the craft store!

Ocean Sensory Bin

Check out all the fun you can have with beach finds!

Have more seashells to use? We love finding multiple uses for our materials! Use beach sand to make this sand slime, or grow crystals with seashells.

How To Make A Beach In A Bottle

The supplies needed for this beach in a bottle are shells, sand, water, and other beach treasures you might come across.

I added a little sparkle to our water with glitter and a drop of blue food coloring. I also added a pair of tweezers for fine motor practice. Pouring, filling, tweezing, and twisting make great practical life activities!


  • Beach Sand
  • Sea Shells
  • Beach Treasures
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Glitter (optional)
Beach Discovery Bottle Sensory SciencePin
Beach in a Bottle Materials


STEP 1. Grab your supplies and filling the bottle a third of the way with sand.

STEP 2. Add in your beach theme accessories, and fill the bottle with water.

TIP: Add a drop of blue or green food coloring, and some glitter to the water for that ocean sparkle!

STEP 3. Attach the lid firmly to the bottle.

See our list of sensory bottles for tips and tricks!

STEP 4. Time to play!

Mix it, shake it, and watch your beach in a bottle separate back into ocean and beach! What sinks and floats in this beach discovery bottle? It makes a great mini sink or float science lesson too!

Make sure to get your kids involved in the process with filling the bottle!

Making A Beach Discovery Bottle Fine Motor Skills ActivityPin

Shake it, tip it, lay it on its side! Whatever you do with this science bottle, you can make many observations!

Beach discovery Bottle Examining OceanPin

More Ocean Sensory Bottle or Jar Ideas

Try a variety of fillers to create various ocean sensory jars! It makes a nice activity for an ocean theme party that guests can take home! Use acrylic or glass marbles, aquarium gravel, craft sand, or glitter glue!

Note: We DO NOT recommend using water beads due to safety concerns. Replace with glass marbles, small rocks, or acrylic vase filler!


Here’s another version of our popular glitter bottle that is fun for young kids to make and explore.


Explore 3 ways to create your own gorgeous and playful ocean in a bottle. Another fun variation of our ocean sensory bottle above! Watch the video!

Ocean Sensory Jars

More Fun Ocean Activities To Enjoy

Printable Ocean Animals Color By Number

Make An Ocean Waves Bottle

Explore the ocean waves with a simple science bottle!

Ocean Waves Science Bottle

Printable Ocean Activities Pack

If you’re looking to have all of your printable activities in one convenient place, plus exclusive worksheets with an ocean theme, our Ocean STEM Project Pack is what you need!


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