Do you like to collect treasures on the beach. We head to the beach every year, so last year we took some home to play with all year round! We gathered all sorts of shells, sea glass, sea weed, and of course beach sand! This year, awaiting our annual beach trip, we made a simple beach discovery bottle for easy sensory play and a bit of science too.


Quick and Easy Beach Discovery Bottle for Kids


Beach Discovery Bottle Science and Fine Motor Skills Activity


Start off with a beach sand sensory bin before you begin making your beach discovery bottle. We enjoyed great sensory play with this easy beach sand sensory bin. We collected beautiful shells along the beach including a bit of dried sea weed and sea glass. I love the feel of beach sand. This is a great time to talk about the ocean, what animals live inside the shells, and how beaches are made!

Beach Learning Activities: Organic Learning on Vacation


Beach Sensory Bin Ocean Activity


We incorporated some great math skills play using shells as a math manipulative! Easy summer learning fun.

Measuring Shells for Hands-On Math Play.

Beach Discovery Bottle Sensory Science

The supplies needed for this beach discovery bottle are shells, sand, water, and other beach treasures you might come across. I added a little sparkle to our water with glitter and a drop of blue food coloring. I also added a pair of tweezers for fine motor practice. Pouring, filling, tweezing, and twisting make great fine motor practice activities.

Making A Beach Discovery Bottle Fine Motor Skills Activity

Mix it, shake it, and watch it separate back into ocean and beach!

What sinks and what floats in this beach discovery bottle? Makes a great mini sink or float science lesson too!

You can also turn your beach sand into Sand Slime!

Beach Discovery Bottle Summer Learning

Have more seashells to use? We love finding multiple uses for our materials!

Make Crystal Seashells: Crystal Growing Science

Beach discovery Bottle Examining Ocean

Kids love making discovery bottles.

This beach discovery bottle is perfect early learning and hands-on play for young kids!

Earth Day Science Discovery Bottles Magnifying Glass and Magnets

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Check out all the fun you can have with beach finds! Click photos.

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