A simple and beautiful ocean sensory bottle you can make even if you have never been to the ocean! We LOVE the ocean and visit it faithfully every year. Last year we put together a beach in a bottle {that included the ocean} with materials from our favorite beach, and we also have a wave bottle as part of our ocean activities for preschoolers. This ocean sensory bottle can be made with easy-to-find items without a trip to the beach.


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We have been hooked on sensory bottles for quite a while now because they are so easy to make for any occasion!

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Our sensory bottles are so simple and so easy to make plus frugal! You can buy very inexpensive glitter glue and they will come out just fine. Check out our first post using inexpensive glitter glue when we made our Valentine’s Day sensory bottle. These silver and gold glitter bottles are also made with the same type of glue and they are stunning.


  • VOSS Water Bottles {you can use others but these are our favorites and can be reused easily}
  • Blue Glitter Glue
  • Silver Glitter
  • Craft Shells {or shells from a local beach!}
  • Water
  • Green Food Coloring {optional}
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STEP 1:  Remove any labels that may be there on your bottle. Usually, they are pretty easy to peel off, and rubbing alcohol will remove any leftover residue.

STEP 2:  Start with your bottle half full of water.

STEP 3:  Squeeze glue into the water, add glitter, cap the bottle, and shake well!  It may take a few minutes for the glue to thoroughly mix, and it may appear clumpy for a bit, but it will then become smooth.

STEP 4:  Uncap your ocean sensory bottle and add the seashells.  Then add more water until the water level reaches the top and re-cap your ocean in a bottle.

Shake and enjoy your new ocean sensory bottle!

NOTE: We added a few drops of green food coloring to the water.   This means that when the glitter settles to the bottom, the bottle stills has a wonderful ocean-colored hue.

make an ocean sensory bottlePin Add this ocean discovery bottle to your ocean lesson plans or simply use as a fun sensory activity. Sensory bottles are also known as calm down bottles for their stress relieving properties. They make a great time out for kids and grownups. Shake and watch the glitter completely fall to the bottom. You should feel a bit calmer! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:  Ocean Waves In A Bottle ocean sensory bottlePin You can see below how all the glitter has fallen to the bottom but because of the green food coloring we still have a pretty hue left for our ocean. Give your ocean in a bottle another shake and it will quickly become a sparkling swirl again! ocean in a bottlePin

Bring the ocean inside this season with a simple to-make ocean in a bottle.

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  1. These are really fun! I am making right now for an ocean themed baby shower, but my water-glitter glue mix is very foamy after a good shaking. How do you get rid of the foam?

  2. Some glues do that! I would scoop the foam out and fill with a bit more water. What type of glue did you use?

  3. The label peals off easily. If there is goo left, you can use a goo remover or rubbing alcohol.

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  5. We used the 2ounce dollar store bottles of glue for our bottles. You can use 1-2 of them in addition to warm water.

  6. I would say I used average glitter! Not chunky or super fine. Usually what we can find at dollar store.

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