These fun and easy drawing ideas will surely be a hit with your kids. Simple art projects are an easy addition to your lesson plans or downtime any time of the year. These fun drawing prompts will get kids’ imaginations going and encourage them to create their drawings!



Fun Ideas for Drawing

Incorporating drawing prompts and fun ideas for drawing into creative activities for kids is a powerful tool to foster their cognitive, emotional, and artistic development. Here are several reasons to use drawing prompts with kids and infuse a sense of fun into the process:

Inspires Creativity: Drawing prompts encourage children to think outside the box and explore diverse themes, sparking their imagination. Providing a starting point or idea prompts kids to visualize and create unique artwork.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Engaging in drawing activities helps refine fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and control. The act of holding and maneuvering drawing tools contributes to the development of these crucial skills.

Boosts Confidence: Completing a drawing prompt successfully gives children a sense of accomplishment, fostering self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. This positive reinforcement encourages them to tackle more challenging creative tasks.

Encourages Self-Expression: Drawing is a powerful form of self-expression. Fun drawing prompts allow kids to convey their thoughts, feelings, and ideas visually, providing a non-verbal outlet for communication.

Promotes Focus and Patience: Engaging in a drawing activity requires concentration and patience. Kids learn to stay focused on a task, follow instructions, and see a project through to completion, fostering valuable life skills.

Fosters a Love for Art: Making drawing enjoyable with fun ideas cultivates a positive attitude toward art. It transforms the activity from a chore into a delightful pastime, nurturing a lifelong appreciation for creativity and artistic expression.

Strengthens Problem-Solving Skills: Some drawing prompts may involve overcoming creative challenges or incorporating specific elements into the artwork. This helps children develop problem-solving skills as they find innovative ways to meet the requirements of the prompt.

Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

Here are four great ways to prompt kids to develop their own drawing ideas. Make sure to grab our free printable drawing pack, too!




Are you looking for more fun ideas for an outer space theme? Check out our collection of space activities.



It could be books, but what else could be sitting on the bookshelf you could draw?



Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? What favorite dessert would you want to draw?


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More Easy Kids Drawing Resources

Make an Art Cart

The best art is when you have creative inspiration! An art cart keeps art supplies accessible and ready to use at a moment’s notice. See what’s on my personal art cart here.

What is an art cart?

An art cart for kids is a mobile and organized creative station designed to inspire and facilitate artistic expression. Typically equipped with an assortment of colorful and kid-friendly art supplies, the cart is compact and easy to move around, allowing kids to explore their imagination in various spaces. Wheels are great!

It may include items such as markers, crayons, colored pencils, paints, paper, glue, scissors, and other craft materials. The cart often features compartments or trays to keep the supplies neatly organized, making it convenient for young artists to access and put away their tools.


Why Do Art for Kids?

Kids drawing ideas are intrinsically connected to the broader realm of art, playing a crucial role in nurturing artistic development and expression. Here’s how kids’ drawing ideas relate to the field of art:

Creativity and Imagination: Kids drawing ideas manifest their creativity and imagination. Children can express their unique thoughts and visions through art when given the freedom to explore various themes and concepts. This imaginative aspect is fundamental to the creative process in art.

Visual Communication: Drawing is a form of visual communication, and easy kids’ drawing ideas serve as a means to convey their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. As they translate their ideas into visual representations, they develop skills in expressing themselves non-verbally.

Aesthetic Exploration: Kids’ drawing ideas expose children to different aesthetic possibilities. Exploring diverse themes and styles encourages them to appreciate various forms of artistic expression and develop their own preferences, contributing to their evolving sense of aesthetics.

Artistic Techniques: Kids naturally experiment with various creative techniques while engaging in drawing. They may explore shading, coloring, blending, and other skills, laying the foundation for more advanced artistic techniques as they grow and develop.

Learn More About Watercolor Technique here or read up on the 7 Elements of Art!

More Fun Art Activities to Try

Printable 7 Elements Art Pack

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