Add these fun and free LEGO printables to your early learning time at home or in the classroom! Take your kids favorite building toy and mini-figures and try out some great LEGO activity pages. We have math, literacy, science, challenges, and coloring LEGO sheets! Easy to download, print, and play. Adding your bricks and figs to make these LEGO activities extra special is easy.


How to Get Started with LEGO Printables

Whether you have a large collection of LEGO or a modest one, we try not to use many fancy pieces so that anyone can try these free LEGO printables and have a blast!

Discovering how to use the LEGO pieces you already have to make something cool is a great skill for young kids to learn early on. To sum it up, you don’t always need more of something. Instead, use your imagination and work with what you already have!

Here are a few tips for collecting bricks:
  • Don’t have enough of one color? Use another!
  • Have a fun piece you can use instead? Go ahead!
  • Want to take the challenge to another level? Make up your additions!
  • This Classic LEGO set is perfect if you need to add pieces to your collection. Note: Walmart often has great prices on Classic theme LEGO sets!
  • On, you can order just bricks! That marked BESTSELLER ship quickly, while the others ship slowly from Denmark.
  • Browse your local marketplace for used bricks by the bin! Aim to spend only $5-8 per pound of unsorted mixed lots of LEGO pieces!

Free LEGO Printables

Watch the video:

LEGO Animal Challenge Calendar

Pair this free LEGO animal challenge calendar with your bin of bricks and get started. Did you know that if you visit and scroll to the bottom, you can open up instructions for any LEGO set under Find LEGO Instructions? If you need animal inspiration, type in set 11011 (older classic box)!


Instagram Favorite LEGO Challenge

A new favorite building challenge style among kids and adults is called the Habitat (Stack) Challenge! This challenge starts with a specific setup of a two-sided diorama base with specific dimensions. Then, you challenge yourself to make a specific theme and stack them up!

Read more about this habitat challenge here (with images), and then you can grab this fun ocean theme habitat challenge here. NOTE: Our Brick Building Bundle includes awesome themes for the whole year

FEATURE: LEGO Summer Challenges


LEGO Art Projects

LEGO Games

LEGO Earth Science

LEGO Emotions


LEGO Seasonal Challenges

These challenges are more like task cards with a specific challenge to complete!


Enjoy our free LEGO printable sheets for kids, perfect for home and classroom use! Encourage a love of learning by incorporating a kid’s favorite building toy!

Printable LEGO Brick Building Project Pack

Breathe new life into your existing LEGO or brick collections!

Grab the whole Brick Building Fun Pack in our SHOP

  • 10O+ Brick theme learning activities in an e-book guide using the bricks you have on hand! Activities include literacy, math, science, art, STEM, and more!
  • Brick STEM activity challenges complete with instructions and examples such as a marble run, catapult, balloon car, and more.
  • Brick Building STEM Challenges and Task Cards keep kids busy! Includes animals, pirates, space, and monsters!
  • Landmark Challenge Cards: Virtual tours and facts to get kids building and exploring the world.
  • Habitat Challenge Cards: Take the challenge and build your own creative animals in their habitats
  • Brick theme I-Spy and Bingo games are perfect for game day!
  • Screen-free coding activities with a brick theme. Learn about algorithms and binary code!
  • Explore mini-fig emotions and much more.
  • A complete year of Brick themed seasonal and holiday challenges and task cards
  • Brick Building Early learning pack filled with letters, numbers, and shapes!


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