On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Grab the crayons, colored pencils or markers for this simple to set up Christmas color by number activity that’s FREE! A perfect activity for Christmas Eve, quiet time, even groups, and early finishers. Plus, it’s perfect to send home for remote learning and makes a great basic Christmas math activity. That’s a lot of holiday fun for 12 free Christmas color by number printables!


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Color By Number Benefits

Color by number activities offer various benefits for young kids, contributing to their cognitive, motor, and artistic development. Here are some of the key advantages:

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Number Recognition: Color-by-number activities help children learn and recognize numbers. Kids reinforce their understanding of numerical symbols by associating numbers with specific colors.

Fine Motor Skills: Coloring within designated areas promotes the development of fine motor skills. Holding and manipulating crayons or colored pencils helps enhance hand-eye coordination and movement precision.

Focus and Concentration: Completing a color-by-number task requires concentration and attention to detail. This activity helps improve a child’s ability to focus on a specific task and follow instructions.

Color Recognition: Associating numbers with colors helps reinforce color recognition skills. Children learn to identify and differentiate between various colors, contributing to their understanding of the color spectrum.

Mathematical Concepts: As children engage in color-by-number activities, they naturally encounter basic mathematical concepts such as counting, sequencing, and pattern recognition.

Preparation for Academic Skills: The skills developed through color by number activities, such as number recognition, fine motor skills, and concentration, lay the groundwork for more advanced academic skills they will encounter in school.

Christmas Color By Number

Free printable Christmas Color By Number activity sheets for kids of all ages.  Print the page and then have kids identify the number and color the area with the corresponding color.

A different color by number for each of the 12 days of Christmas!


Grab your Christmas color by number free printable here!

More Fun Christmas Printables

Here are a few more free Christmas printables kids are sure to love.

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