Exploring the variety of Christmas traditions around the world is a wonderful adventure to take kids on this holiday season! Every country has a fun way to celebrate with festive treats and customs that are just as varied as our own. Take a journey through 15+ countries including Italy, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Japan, and many more as you learn about special Christmas traditions or folklore that make each country unique in their Christmas celebrations.


Christmas around the world.  Fun activities for kids to explore all the different Christmas traditions around the world.


Kids get to learn about how Christmas is similar and just as important how it is different, and what it is that makes us all wonderfully unique. This allows for a greater understanding of the wide world out there as well as around us. Learning about Christmas traditions around the world creates acceptance and goodwill!

Learning about other cultures strengthens our commitment to a more peaceful world. Exploring other countries will open up new doors for your kiddos and hopefully pique their curiosity as they learn new things. Plus kids will love learning about the Christmas activities that other kids their age celebrate around the world.

If time allows, you might even be able to try out a new Christmas tradition from your favorite country! Check out the international aisle in most grocery stores for fun treats from around the world.

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Fly around the world on a holiday adventure exploring more than 15 countries and their unique and exciting Christmas traditions! Kids will be blown away by the many different ways their peers celebrate this special time of the year as well!


  • A trip to the following countries, Australia America, Argentina, Brazil Canada, China, England, France Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden.
  • Test your knowledge of each country with crossword puzzles, word searches, writing prompts, and mini-quizzes.
  • Put together passports and add country stamps as you hop from country to country.
  • Don’t forget your airplane tickets!
  • Try a suitcase STEM Challenge complete with special journal pages.
  • Make a 3D shape ornament for each country.
  • Play fun games like bingo, memory, and more!
  • 150+ pages of Christmas-themed fun!