Create these quick and easy tennis ball games for vestibular sensory processing! Great ideas for sensory seekers and all active kids. We love simple games, and these easy tennis ball games can be played indoors or outdoors. Make sure to also check out our jumping lines game and our gross motor sensory games for more fun gross motor activities.


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Easy Gross Motor Sensory Activities!

Materials needed:

  • Tennis Balls
  • Bucket (to hold all balls in the middle of the area)
  • 4 Mini buckets (for each corner of a square, plates), or half cones like we used (something to contain the ball at least). The half cone markers add a little extra challenge to make sure the ball stays on the cone. The child must have a bit more control with each movement!

How To Set Up The Tennis Ball Games

This is a bit tricky to get great pictures of to show you. You need a large space to start with so this is probably a better outdoor activity. We happen to be able to push the couch out of the way on rainy days!

STEP 1. Set a bucket of 4 tennis balls in the middle of the area.

STEP 2. Place 4 half cone markers (buckets or plates) around it making a square (one at each corner).

I would give at least 5 feet from the middle bucket to the corner on each side.

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How To Play The Tennis Ball Games

  1. Have your child start in the middle. We used a stopwatch for extra fun!
  2. Have your child grab a ball and run to a cone, bend over and place the ball on top, stand up and run back to the middle bucket.
  3. Repeat until all 4 corners are filled and then do it in reverse to clean up!
  4. Check your time! Can you beat it?
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Running Tennis Ball Game Variations

  • Have your child shuffle sideways to each marker.
  • Have your kids backpedal (backward running) to each marker.
  • Have your child hop or jump (one or two legs) to each marker.
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How To Play Game Without Tennis Balls (animal movements)

For this game, the tennis ball will be hard to hold! Have your child get on all 4’s and bear crawl to each cone and around back to the middle.

Repeat for all four cones and check time! Can you beat it? Try doing the crab walk too!

 Tennis Ball Game Variation

This really tests some strength too. The child can be in the push-up position from toes or knees with palms on the floor. Have the bucket in front of them and all 4 balls to one side. Have the child use one hand (same side as balls) to pick each ball up and place it in the basket and remove it from the basket. Switch sides and repeat. Variation: Have the child reach across the body, crossing the midline to pick up each ball. Rest as necessary (from the kneeling position will be easier).

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 What Is Vestibular Sensory Processing?

Vestibular Sensory Processing is most often associated with gross motor movements that affect the inner ear and balance. Activities include spinning, dancing, jumping, rolling, balancing, swinging, rocking, and hanging are a few common movements. Yoga is wonderful too! The movement of the head and body in various planes of motion affects the inner ear and thus activating the vestibular system.

Always make sure you watch your children closely for signs of overstimulation with these kinds of activities! Some children constantly seek these types of movements and some children will avoid them and find them unpleasant. Want more detailed information? Check out these resources!

More Fun Gross Motor Activities {click photos}

My son loves all gross motor movement activities! Fulfilling his vestibular sensory needs is important. This gross motor play was perfect, low key fun. He loves to be timed too. Using a stopwatch made it extra exciting to see if he beat his previous time.

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