Add this free, fun frog color by number printable pack to your frog life cycle lesson plans! Learn about the life cycle of frogs and add a bit of math with these fun color by number worksheets! This is such a fun activity to do in the spring . Find out some fun facts about frogs and the stages of a frog life cycle. Pair it with these spring science activities for more in depth learning too!

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Explore The Frog Life Cycle For Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year for science! There are so many fun themes to explore. For this time of the year, our favorite topics to teach kids about spring include weather and rainbows, geology, Earth Day plants and frogs!

Learning about the life cycle of frogs is such a great lesson for the spring season! It’s the perfect activity to incorporate into learning about pond life, and amphibians! Science with frogs can be so hands-on and kids love it! 

Why not combine this activity with our printable pond life playdough mats and some homemade playdough?

Life Cycle of a Frog

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A frog goes through several stages of growth to become mature. From the egg, to tadpole, to froglet to adult frog, learn more about each stage.


The life cycle of a frog starts with an adult female frog laying hundreds of eggs in a pool of water in the early spring. This clump of eggs is known as frog spawn.


After 1 to 3 weeks tiny tadpoles hatch from the eggs. Tadpoles are the larval stage of a frogs life cycle.

The tadpoles continue to grow and mature in the pool of water and breath through gills, have a mouth and a tail for swimming. During the first couple of weeks the tadpoles eat the egg yolks. After that they swim around eating plant material.


Over the next 14 weeks, the tadpoles change into frogs. They grow back legs, then front legs and start to look more like frogs as their tail becomes shorter and shorter.

They also develop lungs and eardrums. Once their gills and tails are completely gone they move to live on land and are tiny adult frogs.

Adult Frog

Adult frogs live on land, usually in the shade of trees and plants. Adult frogs stay near water so they don’t dry out. They eat small insects and continue to grow. The following spring the adult females will look for a body of water to lay eggs and continue the life cycle.


Frog Life Cycle Color by Number Worksheets

This free printable pack includes seven different color by number worksheets about the life cycle of frogs. From egg to adult frog, all the stages of the frog life cycle are represented in these fun coloring pages!

Use the worksheets from this pack (free download below) for additional learning about the life cycle of frog. Students will use their artistic skills to color in these printable pages.

Free Frog Life Cycle Color By Number Pack

Frog Life Cycle Color By Number

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