If your lessons call for exploring animal habitats, add this free printable color-by-number activity to your plans for quick math practice while exploring science too. That’s STEM! This animal habitats color by number pack is perfect for preschool through first grade or even as a quiet-time activity for older kids! Pair this mini math pack with any of our hands-on animal activities below.

What are Animal Habitats?

A habitat is an environment filled with organisms, plants, and animals specific to that environment. Everything in the habitat has what it needs to survive. Many habitats have various types of organisms living in them that another habitat might not be able to support.

Some things to consider in a habitat are climate, temperature and weather types, food, shelter, and predators. Think about how an ocean habitat might differ from a desert habitat, a grassland from an arctic habitat.

Animal Habitats for Kids

This animal habitats color-by-number pack feature has 7 different animal habitats to color. They can be found all over the world.

Questions to Ask: Which habitats are close to you? What is your favorite habitat, and why? If you could pick any animal, which would you pick, and where would you live?

  • Rainforest
  • Forest
  • Farm
  • Ocean
  • Savannah
  • Arctic
  • Desert

Free Animal Habitats Color By Number

Habitat Color By Number

More Animal Habitat Activities

Here are more printables and hands-on ways to explore animals and habitats!

Biomes Lapbook

Color By Number Math Activities

This type of math activity is fun for younger kids working on recognizing and reading colors, numbers, and their names. We have a variety of color-by-number activities that feature various math skills but mainly basic number sense.

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