Are screens sucking the life and energy out of your kids this season? Your kids need to move their bodies as well as their minds. If you are looking for a simple way to get rid of the wiggles and crazies or you just want to get your kids moving their bodies more, we have some fun exercises for kids to share with you!


Fun kids exercises that are simple for families to do at home. These kids exercises make a great circuit for high energy fun. Healthy bodies for kids with plenty of activity also equals healthy minds. Simple kids exercises everyone can do together.


There’s nothing better than giving your kids the opportunity to nourish both their minds and their bodies!

Always check with your doctor before starting any sort of physical exercise program and use your best judgement.

Below you will find awesome movement activities for preschoolers and older! I have a high energy little boy who needs a lot of active play. We need simple and easy ways to incorporate exercise into every day!

A mat and an exercise ball is all you need for these fun exercises for kids. Plus, they come in very handy for fun play anytime! My son loves to just bounce around on these kind of balls. Show your kids that exercise is fun. Build a life long love of exercise now and reap the rewards in the future. Grow a fit, healthy, and active child now!


Before I was a stay at home mom and kid’s science writer, I was a personal fitness trainer. I still head to the gym for my own training {competitive power lifting}! But if you don’t have time to get to the gym yourself, these simple exercises are perfect for you too!

We have a few great pieces of exercise equipment in our house perfect for kids’ exercises! All you need for these is a medium-sized exercise ball and exercise mat. Our trampoline is a staple but not needed! He bounces on it all day long, and it’s one of the best investments I have made.

Get Moving Kids Exercise Ideas Kids Movement Ideas


The pictures below correspond with the numbered exercises except for one I was unable to get a good picture of but I will explain it below.

Run through all of the exercises and work on them to your kids abilities. Why not turn on the music too.

Don’t force more than your kids can do. Offer water and grab a healthy snack afterwards to fuel those hard working muscles! My son is high energy, and it takes a lot to tire him out!

Get Moving Kids Exercise Ideas Examples of Exercises for Kids

1. Jumping Jacks

Count out 10 jumping jacks or as many as you can do!

2. Scissor Jumps

Position one leg in front of the other. Jump up and switch legs so opposite leg is forward. This is an in-place exercise! Repeat back and forth. Count to 10 if you can!

3. Touch Your Toes

Stretch up to the sky on tippy toes and then bend down to touch the ground. Repeat 10 times!

4. Ball It and Bounce

Sit on the ball. Get those legs pushing off the ground. Great for balance and core strength.

5. Ball Rolls

Start on knees with body draped over ball. Push off knees onto hands and then push-off hands back onto knees. Advanced: My son like to walk out as far as he can on his hands and then walk himself back

6. Rocket Jumps {not pictured}!

Squat down to touch the ground between your feet and then jump up into the air reaching your arms straight over head like a rocket launching into space!

7. Cherry Pickers Exercise

Have your child alternate arms reaching to pick “cherries” off a tree. Pull elbows down by sides and then reach straight up again. Great for shoulder strength! Can you do 10, 20, 30 seconds?

8. Mountain Climbers

Start on hands and toes. Pull one knee into chest and then put it back out. Switch to other leg. Walking one leg at a time into chest. Advanced: Go fast! How long can you go?

9. Plank

Have your child hold himself up on his palms and toes for a count of 10! Core strengthening!

10. Cat and Cow Stretch

The famous stretch where you start on all fours and curl back up into an arch like a cat and then flatten back and stick bum out like a cow.

11. Barrel Rolls

Lie on your back at one end of mat with legs straight and arms straight overhead with arms tight to ears. Roll down the length of the mat and back again keeping your body in a straight line.

12. Tuck and Roll

Always fun to do tuck and rolls {somersaults}!

If your child is capable and interested repeat the exercises again! This is not for speed so don’t try to time your child to see how fast he can go. Help him master each exercise first and remain in control of his body.

Both mental and physical activity is so important for kids. These kids exercises are great for you too! I joined in quite a few of them, and he really enjoyed that as well.

Get Moving Kids Exercise Idea Simple Exercises for Kids Gross Motor Ideas

I hope you enjoy these great kids exercises and have found something new to try with your kids when you are stuck indoors! Hint: These physical activities are great for outdoor play too!

Exercises for kids for anytime, anywhere! Get your high energy kid in gear!



Click on the photos below for more awesome ways to get your kids moving this year.


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  1. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for from this series: Quick and professional ideas to get the kids moving. As a mom who doesn’t have that background or just a general sense of fitness, I often struggle with what to ask the kids to do! Thank you so much for your expertise!

  2. You can find them on Amazon, sporting goods stores like Dicks, and stores like Target!

  3. good list of exercises for kids. Now I have ideas on what to do with my son when he says he wants to accompany me to the gym

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