This Christmas we have our own LEGO Advent Calendar  for you to countdown 25 days to Christmas.  Fun, frugal, and full of creativity, the LEGO ideas use bricks and pieces you already have!  While our calendar is full of simple LEGO activities, I did come up with a few more challenging LEGO Christmas ideas to build.  Below you will find close up photos and more detailed instructions for each of our LEGO Christmas ideas. Use your imagination and get creative!


LEGO Christmas Building Ideas 25 Days LEGO Countdown Calendar Advent

Make sure to print out our FREE Christmas LEGO Advent Calendar and ideas list for LEGO challenges all season long!


LEGO Christmas Challenge Calendar Printable

LEGO Christmas Ideas for Kids

I set up our LEGO Advent Calendar with a few suggestions for making it easier on the parents if you have little time. However, if you are a LEGO loving parent {much like my husband}, you can get as involved with the project as you like!

The following LEGO Christmas building ideas are a fun challenge for older kids or a fun project for a parent and younger child to do together.

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NOTE: I tinkered around and  built the following LEGO Christmas ideas using what we had on hand for bricks. I am definitely not a master builder yet! Talk about frugal!


LEGO Christmas Santa Building Idea

For the LEGO Santa workshop, I started with a couple base plates and built up a wall around 3 sides.

LEGO Santa Workshop

You can see inside that I made a shelf for Santa around 2 of the sides. I used a lot of flat pieces to give it a finished look.

I also used the flat pieces that have the single connector in the middle to be able to add the map and telescope.

You can add as many details to your LEGO Santa Workshop, like a cupboard that opens up, a mug, a backpack with a letter, a seat, and so much more!

LEGO Christmas Santa Workshop Building Idea

Every LEGO Santa Workshop needs a candy cane inspired fence and pole with mini pieces! Add a flag too. There are so many possibilities for sprucing up this LEGO Christmas idea!

LEGO Christmas Building Ideas


I saw this idea in the back of a LEGO Club magazine advertising a master builder set. A couple of the features that make it a cool LEGO Christmas building idea are an arch held up with the cylindrical pieces in front of the wall.

To make the grill, I inserted a connecting piece that hangs over the front of bricks while I built the back wall up. Then you can attach grates! Add flames to those single connector pieces too. I even added mugs for hot cocoa!

LEGO fire place LEGO Advent Christmas

Bonus: Make a simple Christmas tree with flat bricks or the corner piece style bricks to add to your LEGO fireplace. Add a star to the top of the LEGO Christmas tree using a translucent mini cap.

LEGO Christmas Advent Building Idea Fireplace


Here’s another terrific and easy to hard LEGO Christmas idea. You are simply building a facade of a house on a base plate.

I made a few stairs and added a working door. Build up the sides around and over the door. I added sloping pieces and flat pieces to finish off the roof.

There is also a LEGO Christmas tree made from a poly bag set, but you can make one similar to above. Add a mini figure and use sloping white blocks to create snowy mounds.

LEGO Christmas Winter Scene Minifigure

LEGO Christmas Building

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Quick and easy! Find LEGO mini-figures that represent your family! Use a base plate and create snowy mounds! I always have a brown ponytail. My son wears glasses, and my husband shaves his head clean. We look great posing together.

LEGO Family Portrait LEGO Christmas Building Advent Calendar


Build Santa’s sleigh and a reindeer. He carries a small tree and LEGO Christmas presents too!

LEGO Christmas Sleigh Reindeer


The LEGO reindeer is built with small pieces including 2×1’s and flat pieces. Note; the black tail is an unique piece. The nose is a single connector with a translucent red cap. The single connector piece is attached to a smooth flat piece that has the one connector in the middle.

LEGO Christmas Countdown Calendar Advent Building Challenges


Santa’s sleigh has two runners made from 6{or 8}x1’s and base plate. We had a chain I attached. You can also attach a basket on the back to hold presents. This is a very simple but neat tree design.


Above right, you can see a larger LEGO Rudolph alternative. Note the black piece {underneath the red nose brick} is one of those connectors that goes over the front of bricks.

LEGO reindeer sled and presents

This is one of my favorite LEGO Christmas building ideas. I am not a master builder, so this a simple reindeer and sleigh design for our minifigure Santa! Perfect addition to a LEGO Advent Calendar!

LEGO Christmas tree on sled

Our LEGO Christmas ideas are meant to be a fun and creative experience for the whole family! Encourage your children to use their LEGO bricks and their imagination to come up with their own versions of these LEGO Christmas builds. For the child who likes a picture to follow, these are perfect to use.

LEGO christmas LEGO Rudolph Sled

I hope you enjoy your LEGO Christmas ideas!



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