We are just getting into the smaller sized LEGO here. Although my son loves to put together LEGO sets, we have a lot of fun with our own LEGO building ideas. Think outside the box, and try some new LEGO activities with classic bricks. There are so many early learning ideas built into these easy LEGO builds.


20 Lego Play Ideas Lego Science Lego Zip Line Lego Games


I am super excited that we are starting the journey into LEGO land. We love to sit and just build with a big box of classic bricks, but we also enjoy creating new LEGO builds like the ones below. Because LEGO is so versatile, you can really try out so many cool and unique ideas.

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Lego Play Ideas Lego Pieces

There are so many benefits to playing with LEGO!

  • Work on fine motor skills fitting together bricks and specialty pieces. 
  • Develop visual and spatial skills through building projects and following directions.
  • Increase creativity through imaginative building ideas, no instructions needed.
  • Work on beginning engineering skills by testing ideas for different projects.
  • Practice simple math counting bricks, comparing sizes, and making patterns.
  • Improve confidence through exploring new ideas.

We even enjoy Lego STEM activities!

LEGO Activities and STEM Challenges for Kids

20 Easy LEGO Builds For Kids

Click on the links to access the simple LEGO instructions for each build.

LEGO Rubber Band Car

LEGO Catapult

LEGO Catapult

LEGO Paper Football

LEGO Coding for Kids

Simple LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Minions

LEGO Tic Tac Toe

LEGO Volcano

LEGO Volcano

LEGO Heart

LEGO Skittles

LEGO Clear Slime

LEGO Parachute

LEGO Zip Line

LEGO Zip Line

LEGO Yellow Slime

LEGO and Hex Bugs

LEGO Mini-figure Race

LEGO Marble Maze

LEGO Balloon Cars

LEGO Magnetic Fridge Board

LEGO Marble Run

LEGO Marble Run

Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy brick building challenges.

Which easy LEGO build will you try today?


How do you store your LEGO Collection? Here’s some ideas!

Lego Organization Ideas from Hardware Store