We all know that writing practice isn’t the most fun task for a kid, but it doesn’t have to be with our letter discovery bottle! Let’s make writing fun instead of dry and boring by throwing together a simple letter discovery bottle that kids can use to practice writing letters, sight words, or sentences! I personally know a kid who all of a sudden loves to practice his handwriting when he doesn’t think he actually is!

Letter discovery bottle writing practice and letter number recognition for kids


I have a pretty high energy little boy who isn’t always enthusiastic about sitting down to write, so I have to get a little creative! Discovery bottles are a lot of fun to put together and can be done so inexpensively and easily using many things you already have! For us, it’s these mini scrabble tiles that added a fun element to our letter discovery bottle.


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Plastic Letter Tiles {Scrabble is the best because we had fun with the numbers too!}

VOSS Water Bottles

Corn Syrup {hair gel also works well}


We do love the VOSS water bottles for sensory and discovery bottles like our glitter bottles or our science bottlesThese bottles hold up well over time and can be reused over and over again. The label removes easily most of the time and any sticky residue left can be removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol. You can even write on the bottle with Sharpies and remove with rubbing alcohol too!

Add the tiles to the bottle. I suggest finding one of each letter to add so that it is not too crowded. My son went ahead and dumped them all in as that was his preference. Add the corn syrup about 2/3 of the way up, so there is still some room. You will need this in order for the letters to be able to move around. Put the cap on a tightly as possible. You can also wrap a piece of decorative craft tape around the seal for extra protection. Though my son has never opened one.

Shake, roll, turn upside down and watch the letters slowly move around along with big air bubbles.

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Easy to male letter discovery bottle or letter sensory bottle


There are a few fun ays that you can use this letter discovery bottle with different age ranges. Younger kids can sit with you and point out letters and even numbers. Can they find their name? To practice writing letters and numbers have your kids write out the alphabet and use the bottle to find each letter and write the number associated with it! Check out our scrabble tile slime!

Using a letter discovery bottle for writing skills

My son used his letter discovery bottle to practice his sight words and his mission was to find the number associated with it! Once he wrote out the words and found the corresponding numbers, he made tally marks. Add the tally marks!

List out two letter words and write number sentences for them by finding the corresponding numbers. Or pick any two letters and make a number sentence.

What words can you spy? My son noticed different letter combinations near each other that made made words. We have more fun ways to play with letters below!

I also love these math activities for using those scrabble tiles!


Back to school letter discovery bottle

A simple but unique way to practice letters with a neat sensory bottle.

Letter Discovery Bottle Writing practice Sensory Bottle


More fun ways to play with letters with your kids! Click on pictures.

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