I don’t really care for specific gifts from my son, especially store bought ones, for Mother’s Day. Not to say there is anything wrong with it if that’s your tradition. However I like these 8 STEAM inspired Mothers Day Gifts kids can make while exploring, designing, and discovering new things. Give with the gift of learning through STEAM activities!


STEAM Inspired Mothers Day gifts kids can make and give with Spring and Flower STEM activities


Science, technology, engineering, art, and math all come together to make up STEAM. STEAM is really STEM with the addition of Art. Why is STEAM so important? Because STEAM gets the creative juices flowing! Kids are thinking, doing, creating, exploring, observing, and learning!

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These STEAM inspired Mothers Day gifts kids can make is a great way to combine a DIY gift with a little hands on learning. For those of you who don’t have a craft loving kid, these are a nice alternative that still add color and design! Enjoy the ideas below and click on the links to read more.


1. Crystal Flowers

Make a bouquet of crystal flowers like my son did for me last year!

2. Color Changing Carnations

Or make a bouquet of colored flowers with a color changing flower science experiment!

Color changing flower science Spring STEM activity

3. Geo Flowers

Have fun with a geo flower STEAM craft on styrofoam. Great way to use trash, encourage math, and make art for mom!

STEAM inspired Mother's Day activity for kids

4. Coffee Filter Flowers

Even my “not interested in crafts” kiddo loves this activity and you have a homemade bouquet of flowers made with a bit of solubility science.

5.  Easy Flowers To Grow

Check out our list of easy flowers for preschoolers to grow that germinate quickly.  Observe how plants grow and give mom a gift of fresh flowers this Mother’s Day.

6. Flower Pipe Cleaner Circuitry

This is a cool tech idea designed by Corinne Takara for Instructables.  Create a flower out of pipe cleaners that lights up!

7. Recycled Plastic Flower Art

These recycled plastic bottle flowers from Left Brian Craft Brain look like so much fun to make and easy too! Make a pretty bouquet or a single potted flower gift.

8. LEGO Flowers

Build a flower from basic bricks. I can Teach My Child shows you how to build a simple LEGO flower to give to mom.

9. Tangram Heart Card

Have fun with math with our Tangram heart card for Mother’s Day. Express your love and appreciation for Mom using tangram shapes. It’s not quite as easy at it looks, but it definitely encourages kids to get thinking!

STEAM Activities for Mothers Day Gifts for Kids To Make and Explore

Of course, these STEAM ideas don’t have to be just for Mother’s Day! They are also terrific for Spring and flower theme activities or just for fun. Something for both boys and girls to enjoy creating together for unique gifts or activities.


Click on the image below or on the link for fun flower crafts for kids.

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