Let your preschoolers explore real flowers for simple Earth science but give it a fun twist! Add a simple ice melt activity, learn about the parts of a flower, and make a water sensory bin all in one easy to set up preschool flower activity this spring. Give your youngest scientist a hands-on learning experience for fun and simple spring preschool activities. 

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Simple Flower Activities For Preschoolers

These 3 flower activities can be done as one large activity or separately. First, you have the fun flower ice melt. Next, you can explore parts of a flower and how to sort plants. Then, you can play in a flower-filled water sensory bin! You don’t need to do each activity all at once but if you have time, why not!

We have an entire post dedicated to all things sensory bins if you would like to read more about setting up sensory bins, filling sensory bins, and cleaning up sensory bins. Click here to read all about sensory bins!

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Real flowers
  • Water
  • Sensory bin container
  • Paper Plates
  • Markers
  • Food Coloring
  • Fun stuff to put in the sensory bin

Activity 1: Flower Ice Melt

STEP 1:  First, you want to prepare your flowers to freeze in ice for the ice melt science activity. Have the kids help you pull apart the flowers but save a few for the next activity! Add the flowers to different shape containers or molds. Fill with water and place in the freezer until frozen!


STEP 2: Once your flower-filled containers are frozen, get ready to explore the fun of melting ice to free the flowers. Set up a large bowl of warm water along with meat basters and squeeze bottles. I suggest putting all of the frozen flowers into a large bin or container. The kids will know what to do!

Check out more fun ice play activities you can set up!


Activity 2: Parts of a Flower

STEP 1:  While your molds and containers are in the freezer, you can easily explore the parts of a flower with a few real flowers you saved! Grab some paper plates and markers and write out a petal label on each paper plate.


STEP 2:  In small groups or individually get kids to identity the petals of the flower and if possible, pull the flower apart and tape or glue the petals to their paper plate.

Have your kids compare the petals of different flowers. How does the color, size, smells, and textures vary? You can also talk about and introduce the 4 main parts of a flower and how each is important for pollination.

Note: Some flowers are easier for identifying the 4 main flower parts than others. The best flowers are those with large obvious petals, easy to recognize stamen (the male part) and a large pistil in the middle of the flower (the site for pollination). The sepal is usually green and lies underneath the petals. Its purpose is to cover and protect the flower bud.


Activity 3: Flower Sensory Bin

Once you have melted all the flowers, turn it into a water sensory play activity! The water will be pretty chilly, so I suggest, adding warm water! You can also add a drop or two of food coloring!

You can also add fun sensory bin items such as colanders, ladles, scoops, and even a small water wheel!

TIP: To complement this activity, why not set up our spring sensory bin and preschool math activity.


Tips For Flower Play In The Classroom

  1. This is the perfect activity to get everyone involved. Kids will get wet, so be prepared for little spills and damp sleeves!

2. Have your kids explore the flowers with their 5 senses:

  • What colors do you see?
  • Do the flowers have a smell and is different or the same as each other?
  • What do real flowers feel like?
  • Where do you think flowers grow?
  • Why do you think plants have flowers?
  • Are there flowers blooming outside now?

3. If possible, explore and observe real flowers by going outdoors! Don’t pick them! Rather make observations and drawings! Kids can even take measurements and check on their flowers. Will they grow taller? Will there be more buds? Wouldn’t it be fun to observe these flowers over several weeks!

Free Printable Playdough Flowers Mat

Download and print the flower playdough mat below. For durability and ease of use, make sure to laminate the mat before use or place it in a sheet protector.

Click below to get your printable flower playdough mat.

More Fun Flower Activities For Preschoolers

Extend the learning with one or more of these flower activities below.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Make colorful flowers out of coffee filters, and learn about solubility in the process.

Playdough Flowers

Use the printable flower playdough mats and a batch of homemade playdough to make playdough flowers.

Crystal Flowers

Craft pipe cleaners into flower shapes and turn them into crystal flowers with a borax solution.

Color Changing Flowers

A simple spring science experiment that explores how water moves through a plant. Observe how the flowers change color when placed in food coloring and water.

Flower Discovery Bottles

Create a fun flower sensory bottle with real flowers.

Handprint Flowers

Make a boutique of these unique and colorful handprint flowers.

Printable Preschool Bundle

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