Easter Math and Alphabet Games

Make Simple Homemade Easter Learning Games 

We have been enjoying all our Easter themed play this year. I have incorporated a great deal of early learning into our mornings with lots of hands-on play! Liam loves games, so these Easter learning games were a hit! Some Easter learning games we play together and some games he can do by himself. Turn taking is also a great skill to incorporate into activities and he is wonderful at it! I have put together a variety of math games for counting and number recognition. I have also made a bit of an Easter sensory bin for some letter recognition play. Make sure to check out all our Easter Early Learning Ideas

Easter Learning Games for Math

Easter Preschool Math Games

Easter Learning Games: Easter Egg Roll & Fill

For this simple game, you need two egg cartons and one die. One for each player. Use what you like for counters. We have had these little Easter ones from the Dollar Store. I added a pair of clear plastic tongs to count out the pieces! At the end we each counted all we had collected to see who won!

Easter Math Games Egg and Egg Crates

Felt Easter Egg & Button Number Recognition & Counting Easter Learning Game

I cut two big eggs out of felt. For these Easter learning games, I wanted to continue our number recognition skills we worked on from our Find the Chick Number Recognition Game. He was doing so well that I did not want to lose the momentum. We took turns drawing flashcards and counting out buttons. Of course, we then counted all the buttons we had collected.

Easter Math Games Large Eggs & Buttons Number Recognition

Mini Felt Eggs & Buttons Color Number Recognition, & Counting Game with More/Less

For these Easter learning games, I made two sets of 12 felt eggs and added a special die with colors on it and one with numbers on it. Again, we took turns counting buttons that matched the color we rolled in the quantity we rolled. To finish the game we played more or less. We compared the same color eggs to see who had more or less.

Easter Felt Egg Game More Less

For a fun Easter learning game and busy bag activity, make small felt or paper eggs and cut them in half using a variety of patterns! Have your child try to put the eggs back together. Great visual processing activity!

Easter Felt Math Games Egg Puzzles

Easter Learning Games: Alphabet Letter Recognition & Sensory Bin

Easter Letter Recognition Sensory Play

Easter Learning Games :Alphabet Set Up

We still need  letter recognition practice. For these Easter learning games, I took booking letters (upper and lower case) and hid them in small eggs. I then took an egg crate styrofoam sheet and cut small slits through the top of each section and wrote a letter on it.

Easter Alphabet Game Set Up

Easter Learning Games: Alphabet 

The idea behind this Easter learning game was to remove the eggs from the bin with the bunny tongs  and transfer them to the basket. Next he had to crack open the eggs and put letters in basket. Finally, he had to choose a letter and use his fingers to push it the letter through the right slit! We went through both the upper and lower case letters! (Make a sheet of letters on the computer too). This Easter learning game is also great for fine motor skills!

Easter Letter Recognition Sensory Activity

This kept him busy for quite a while. He did the first two steps while I made dinner. After dinner we sat together and went through the letters. These Easter learning games were perfect for adding some novelty to our basic skills practice!

I hope you enjoyed our preschool Easter learning games and found something new!

Top 10 Easter Early Learning Activities Round Up

Easter Early Learning Top 10 List


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