LEGO bricks aren’t just for great building ideas! Why not gather your favorite LEGO pieces and create a fun LEGO painting like our cityscape? Paint this city skyline using only paint and LEGO! Bonus: Grab our free printable city template for use!


Enjoy LEGO Art With Kids

Feel inspired and taking your LEGO building in a new direction with easy LEGO art projects using bricks you already have. Hopefully, it will get you thinking of new ways to use those pieces that don’t see much action!

Get ready to add this simple Lego stamping art activity, to your lesson plans this season. Our art projects are designed with you, the parent or teacher, in mind!

Easy to set up, quick to do, most activities will take only 15 to 30 minutes to complete and are heaps of fun! Plus, our supplies lists usually contain only free or cheap materials you can source from home!

Although this LEGO painting idea below provides a bit of structure, there is tons of room for creativity, imagination, and design on the part of your kids. It makes a great boredom buster for screen-free fun!

Create a city painting with LEGO bricks! Learn about the history of stamping, and make sure to get the free printable project download to follow along!


Painting With LEGO

After finishing this LEGO painting activity, why not try one of these LEGO Challenges!


Note: What else can you stamp with, including bottle caps, pencil erasers, paper clips, mini cars such as Hot Wheels, kitchen utensils, and more? Take a look around!


STEP 1: Download and print the city skyline template.

STEP 2: Find some random LEGO pieces that fit inside the building shapes.

STEP 3: Using a paintbrush, paint each circle on the LEGO and then use it as a stamp to design your city. Alternatively, you can dip the brick into paint that is spread onto a flat surface.


Fill each building shape with LEGO prints.


Use different colors and types of LEGO bricks if you like!


STEP 4: Use both sides of the LEGO for different looks for windows and doors.

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The History Of Stamping

Stamps have a rich history dating back over 9,000 years. The earliest example of what we would recognise as stamping comes from ancient China and existed long before the invention of the printing press.

This type of stamping was called woodblock printing. The process involved carving images and characters into a block of wood and then applying ink and fabric to form an impression. The process was used to make decorative silks and books.

Here we use LEGO bricks as stamps, and paint instead of ink to make our stamping art! Really you can experiment with all kinds of objects to to make an impression with.

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Why Do Art With Kids?

Children are naturally curious. They observe, explore, and imitate, trying to figure out how things work and how to control themselves and their environments. This freedom of exploration helps children form connections in their brain, it helps them learn—and it’s also fun!

Art is a natural activity to support this essential interaction with the world. Kids need the freedom to explore and experiment creatively.

Art projects allow children to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life but also for learning. These include the aesthetic, scientific, interpersonal, and practical interactions that can be discovered through the senses, intellect, and emotions.

Making and appreciating art involves emotional and mental faculties!

Art, whether making it, learning about it, or simply looking at it – offers a wide range of important experiences. In other words, it’s good for them!

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