There’s nothing better than this quick and easy to make sand foam sensory sand! My favorite sensory activities are ones I can create with what I already have in the house. This super simple sand recipe uses just two ingredients, shaving cream and sand! It’s a fun sensory recipe from our Sensory Recipes collection.


Sand For Sensory Play

Play sand makes for an awesome and easy sensory bin filler, by itself! Add in the special ingredient, shaving foam and it takes the play to a whole new level!

I always keep a can of cheap foaming shaving cream in my activity closet for quick messy sensory play! Regular old sandbox sand is perfect or like us, if you brought back sand back from the beach, use it! 

Get your kiddos helping in making this fun and easy messy play recipe! Sand takes on a whole new form when mixed with shaving cream. The texture is very cool! Light and airy like whipped cream! No tasting!

sand foam sensory play set up and beginning to mix activityPin

Why Is Sensory Play Important?

Sensory play makes for awesome hands-on fun and learning for young children as they explore and discover more about the world through their senses! Sensory activities can also calm a child, help a child to focus, and engage a child.

The Many Benefits of Sensory Play

Motor Development Skills ~ Sensory play helps a child explore, discover, and create using motor skills like dumping, filling, and scooping.

Play Skills {emotional development} ~ For both social play and independent play, sensory activities allow children to play cooperatively or side by side. My son has had many positive experiences with other children over a bin of rice!

Language Development ~ Sensory play increases language development by experiencing all there is to see and do with their hands, which leads to great conversations and opportunities to model language.

Using the 5 Senses ~ Many sensory activities include a few of the senses! Touch, sight, sounds, taste, (where appropriate), and smell are the 5 senses. Kids can experience several senses at a time with a sensory bin or sensory play recipe.

Calming tools ~ Sensory play recipes calm many anxious or worried kiddos. You might find that one works better than another for your kiddo.

Some sensory play materials can settle and soothe, and some can help keep kids’ attention and build their connection with you.

Helpful Resources To Get You Started

There’s so much more to learn about sensory play. Here are a few ideas, with free printables, to help you set up sensory activities easily!

Sand Foam Recipe

Love sensory foam! Check out this fun chick pea foam and soap foam.


  • sand
  • shaving cream
  • bucket
  • shovel or mixing spoon

How To Make Sensory Sand Foam

STEP 1. Fill a bucket, bowl or bin with sand.


STEP 2. Add a generous amount of shaving cream to the sand.


STEP 3. Mix together until light and fluffy and whipped like foam.


You can adjust the amount of shaving cream needed by the consistency you like and how much sand you use! Want to change it? Simply add more sand or shaving cream, and mix again.

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For us, this cool sensory sand is best enjoyed with trucks! A small bowl of sand foam makes for very generous piles to move with front loaders.


TIP : If your child dislikes getting hands messy (as does mine) provide him with spoons, trucks and other tools to help minimize the mess and increase enjoyment for everyone. I did get my hands messy to help make big piles or smooth out roads and that is when the pictures ended!

sand foam sensory play making piles and pushing them around with front loaderPin

More Fun Sensory Play Ideas

 Click on the image below or on the link for more fun and easy sensory activities for kids!


  1. This looks really fun! Definitely putting this on my Summer to do list with the kids! Thanks

  2. Did this stick to your child’s hands? We tried this (but we used orange craft sand) and it was so sticky! It was fun, but the kids just wanted to keep washing their hands. Just wondering if this happened to you!

  3. Oh definitely it coats the hands! Not a slime. Keep water handy or provide lots of scoops!

  4. Hi. I love your sensory play ideas. Just wondering if I could transform my sand foam into flubber/slime/dough at the end of the play session? thank you so much.

  5. We washed it away with a hose outside or washed it in the sink. If you need to put some in the trash first that might be best depending on your situation.

  6. We are not allowed to use shaving cream. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement of shaving cream? Thanks

  7. Can you use food? Whipped cream/cool whip has a similar consistency. You might not be able to get the same exact material but it might be fun.

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  9. This is such a brilliant idea, will definitely try it with my youngest!. He is truck crazy! =D.

    Thank you for sharing theses lovely ideas.

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