Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity

By | October 6, 2013

Fall is my favorite season! Anything pumpkin is always fun, whether you eat it, carve it or turn it into hands-on science! There are so many learning opportunities for using one of the best seasonal fruits available. Our pumpkin volcano science activity is hands down the most requested pumpkin activity of the season. In fact, we decided to make an erupting apple volcano too! make sure to check out this great collection of classic pumpkin science ideas with a twist for more creative ways to use your pumpkins.

Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity for Kids

Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity Fall Science

Our Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity is Easy Sensory Fun!

Simple science activities you can make with quick, accessible, and affordable ingredients is my favorite kind of science! Any sort of baking soda science eruptions are sure to please any kid and adult too. Our year of preschool science ideas has many fun ways to enjoy simple science experiments. like this pumpkin volcano science activity at home

Materials Needed for a Pumpkin Volcano

One small pumpkin, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring {optional}, dish soap, and warm water

First , you need a smallish pumpkin. I  bought this baking pumpkin for $2 at Trader Joes when I was shopping. All the way home Liam talked about making a volcano because he remembered the volcano we made in our dinosaur sensory bin. The bigger the pumpkin the more baking soda and vinegar you will need and the bigger the mess you will make!

Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity Cleaning Out Pumpkin

Second, you will need to hollow it out! This is a fun activity on its own and great for pumpkin sensory play. Save the insides for some additional sensory play if your child likes messy and squishy play. I planned to make a sensory bag with the gooey stuff so he could examine it more later! I loosened the insides and gave him different kinds of spoons to work on scooping out the seeds and stuff.

Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity Making The Volcano

Third, find a container to put inside the pumpkin or use the pumpkin itself. We couldn't decide which to try since we had never tried this before, so we ended up trying it three different ways. We used a cup, a small soda bottle and the pumpkin itself to test out what kind of eruption would happen with each. We talked a bit about why the eruption happens.  When we combine the baking soda and vinegar it created carbon dioxide which is a gas that fizzes and bubbles. This is easier done by showing him the reaction, so we added the vinegar! We also explained that another type of reaction is the surprise he felt when he saw the fizzing foam come out!

Here's the mixture I made to fill the cup, bottle and pumpkin:

  • 1. warm water mixed with food coloring filled to about 3/4 full

  • 2. 4-5 drops of dish soap

  • When you are ready to make the eruption

  • 3. A few tablespoons of baking soda: then get ready to add....

  • 4. 1/4 cup of vinegar and watch with delight!

Here are the variations with the soda bottle and just the pumpkin!

Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity Using Bottle in Pumpkin With this variation of the science activity, the eruption got a little more height so it looked a little different from the others. When we were done with the bottle, we took it out and dumped it into the pumpkin which created a huge eruption and led us to just try it in the pumpkin itself! Pumpkin Volcano Baking Soda Chemical Reaction As you can see from his expressions he had a great time with this pumpkin volcano science activity. He wanted to be the one to make the reaction happen after he saw us do it the first time, so we let him pour the vinegar by himself! We had lots of eruptions from this little pumpkin and lots of mess! Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity Baking Soda Science Eruption

This was one of my favorite pictures of our pumpkin volcano science activity! The pumpkin was completely surrounded with fizzing, foaming, bubbling ooze! Baking soda science with different themes through out the year is perfect for exploring this cool chemical reaction all year long.

The perfect fall idea with a pumpkin volcano science activity

More fun with fall science and sensory play. Click photos for details.

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    1. littlebins Post author

      Thank you! So glad you found us. I imagine it will be a hit for years to come!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Oh yes! I am sure we will be doing it again. He was eyeing the huge pumpkin outside. Could you imagine what that would do?!

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  6. Sheila @ Pennies of Time

    Talk about a great way to kids involved! (especially those that may scrunch their nose at slimy seeds–they won’t be able to turn away from this!) Another great idea from you! Thanks for sharing at Magic Moments Monday.

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    My name is Lesli Richards and I am the author of The Homegrown Preschooler…I am writing some content for Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Teacher website, and I’d love permission to use one of your photos (the one of the pumpkins at the top) and link up to your blog. Could you please consider it and email me and let me know? Blessings,
    Lesli Richards

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