Arctic sensory play ice melt science inspired by Dr. Seuss! Ice melt science sensory activities are fun all year round. Ice is quick and easy for science and sensory play! Ice melting is the perfect preschool science activity to talk about change and temperature! Learn and play with the Arctic with Arctic sensory play.

Arctic Sensory PlayArctic Ice Sensory Play Winter Ice Melt Milk Container

Arctic Sensory Play Ice Melt Science Set Up

milk carton or large bowl

large container

Arctic Toob and snowflake confetti or buttons

science tools: magnifying glass, tweezers, baster, small scoop

To make this easy Arctic sensory play ice melt, I froze the objects from the Arctic Toob in layers in a milk container  in the freezer {a large bowl would work too}.  Freeze Arctic items one layer at a time so there are several layers to melt through and items are evenly distributed. Let each layer freeze completely.  When ready, tear away milk carton. It should release easily. We examined ours all around before we started! Put your block in the container and add a warm bowl of water with a baster for melting.

Arctic Ice Sensory Melt Set Up Winter Ice Melt

Ice melt science sensory play is definitely a classic science experiment. We love simple ice melts for talking about temperature change, irreversible, and reversible change. These ice melt science play activities  encourage observation skills, fine motor skills, and a bit of patience. These are all great skills for a budding scientist. He loves to use his magnifying glass to check out the ice. He also likes to use the baster to “drill” holes!

Arctic Ice Sensory Play Winter Ice Melt Arctic Activity

We added some fun literacy play with our Arctic sensory play ice melt! Ice is Nice by Bonnie Worth to our Arctic sensory play activity. I read the book out loud while he played. We looked at the different animals and talked about the poles and how cold the arctic can be like the ice! No penguins allowed at the North Pole, but that’s another activity!

Arctic Sensory Play Ice is Nice Winter Ice Melt Science activity

The finished ice melt science activity is an awesome water sensory bin! We added a styrofoam tray and a large sponge from our latest water absorption activity. He tested out absorption and sink/float ideas with the Arctic sensory play water bin! The water will be pretty chilly, so go ahead and add warm water for extended play!

Arctic Sensory Play Arctic Water Sensory Bin Winter Ice melt science

Explore the Arctic any time of the year with Arctic sensory play!

Try some Arctic slime too! 

Arctic Slime Winter Sensory Play Homemade slime recipe


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