Math is one of those things that is so important because it’s all around us, and yes you can make it fun and colorful. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to put a fun twist on a simple math concept. Add our jingle bell shapes Christmas math activity to your calendar this season. Math, part of STEM, can totally be hands-on.


Jingle Bell Shapes Christmas Math Activity for Holiday STEM

I really love holiday STEM activities. That is activities for science, technology, engineering, and math! What is STEM and why is STEM important? Because STEM is everywhere and all around us. That’s why now is the perfect time to encourage a love of all things STEM. Adding a holiday theme can do just that!

Make sure to check our two different countdown calendars for Christmas! We have a printable Christmas STEM challenge cards countdown that is perfect for little engineers. We also have a 25 Days of Science Countdown calendar with simple to-set-up experiments.

jingle bell stem challenge for Christmas math and shapes activity

This is such a fun and simple activity to set up for the kids. Plus it has lots of room for open-ended engineering play, too. All you need is a few items and our free printable to get started. Feel free to laminate the cards to use with all the holidays! Look below for your free download of our jingle bell shapes Christmas math and STEM challenge.

Christmas shapes math printable cards with engineering activity


You will want to cut pieces of pipe cleaner or have your kids do the cutting if applicable! Or they can just make really big shapes with full-size pipe cleaners. My son enjoys the cutting part!

Building jingle bell shapes for Christmas math

Christmas shapes math activity with free printable STEM cards

If you don’t have jingle bells, you can use play dough or soft candy like marshmallows and gumdrops. You can also have kids trace the shapes for extra fine motor skills practice. Of course, there is also a space to write in the name of the shape and how many sides it has!

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Building Jingle Bell shapes for math practice

My son got really interested in measuring and estimating the lengths of pipe cleaners he would need for certain shapes. This is also a great STEM skill. Being able to estimate is a great skill to use when you need to figure something out but don’t need to be exact either.

Building and Estimating Shapes Math Activity for Christmas STEM

Have fun with jingle bells and our Christmas shapes math activity! Check out our Santa’s Science labs for another fun way to use jingle bells for Christmas STEM. Have you ever tried to quiet a jingle bell, hint it’s a STEM challenge!

There’s also another fun jingle bell STEM challenge in our printable Christmas STEM Challenge Cards! Are you up for it? What a fun way to play with math and enjoy a Christmas activity too.



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