Jingle jangle… hear those sleigh bells ring, or do you? Take the Jingle Bell STEM challenge with the whole family this holiday! We are continuing our 25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown with a fun Christmas theme STEM challenge. Can you muffle the sound of a jingle bell using a variety of Christmas-themed items? Look for the free printable project pack below to help you get started.

Explore STEM This Holiday Season

Open-ended STEM activities like this jingle bell challenge are perfect for kids who love to design, build, and test new inventions! Encourage your young engineer with clever STEM challenges perfect for the season.

This is my classic egg drop challenge version with a more Christmasy theme. I presented a challenge to quiet a jingle bell. We had to test our ideas and find a solution!

Provide a variety of materials to use for this jingle bell STEM challenge. For a successful challenge, we had to have a quiet jingle bell. Santa and his elves have to sneak around quietly!

Many of our supplies can also be used for other Christmas STEM activities. That makes our activities frugal, too!

Add jingle bells to a magnetic sensory bin, use them for a shape-building activity, or use them to make these Christmas tree ornaments.

NEW: Grab our printable design process worksheets further down to help with planning this STEM challenge. It’s perfect for older kids, and if you need to extend the lesson time.

Use The Engineering Design Process For Christmas STEM

This season, why not pair the engineering design process with fun holiday themes including candy canes, gumdrops, Christmas trees… you get the picture!

Engineers often follow a design process. There are many different design processes that all engineers use but each one includes the same basic steps to identify and solve problems.

An example of the process is “ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve”. This process is flexible and may be completed in any order. Read More Here.

Helpful STEM Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources to help you introduce STEM activities and challenges more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident when presenting materials.

You’ll find tons of free printables, templates, and journal sheets throughout all of our activities, or join us in the Library Club for instant access all year long!

Get your FREE printable Christmas STEM activities guide!

Want to continue the Christmas projects all month long? Grab the 25 days of Christmas STEM Challenges along with this fantastic science guide.

Jingle Bell STEM Challenge

The Challenge: Quiet a jingle bell.


  • Reusable/Fillable Plastic Christmas Ornament {small plastic container will work too}
  • Jingle Bells
  • Tissue Paper
  • Pom Poms
  • Tinsel
  • Bows
  • Anything Festive!

TIP: Use the free printable packet below to scale this activity for elementary and middle school-age kids. For your younger STEM-ists, keep it playful!

Let’s get the Jingle Bell STEM Challenge underway!

Explore the materials and plan your Jingle Bell STEM challenge. We started by actually placing a single jingle bell inside the ornament without any of the materials to check out the sound.

Experiment with different amounts of jingle bells.

Note: We used one jingle bell for this Jingle Bell STEM Challenge, but your kids can test out different amounts or sizes of jingle bells too.

Pack in the pom poms, close it up, and give it a shake! Can you hear the jingle bell? Do you need to add more pom poms to the ornament? If you still hear the jingle bell, why do you think you still hear it? What can you change to try it again?

Run through the same scenario with each of the materials and see what happens! Which material worked better to quiet the jingle bell?

My son found the anticipation of shaking the ornament to be a lot of fun during our Jingle Bell STEM challenge. Will it work? Could he hear it? What’s next? So many ways to predict and test theories.

Take your Jingle Bell STEM challenge further by testing out different combinations of materials. Why do some combinations work better than other combinations of materials?

If you have older kids, have them take notes of the combinations tried and the results!

What other materials could you add to this STEM challenge from around your house? There are so many possibilities for this simple STEM activity

More Fun Christmas STEM Challenges

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Christmas Card STEM Challenge: The best way to recycle all those Christmas cards! What kind of structures can you build with a heap of Christmas cards?

Christmas Tree STEM Challenge: Get your kids off the screens and into Christmas-building games with this Christmas tree cup game. The challenge is to build a Christmas tree with just 100 cups.

Christmas Catapult: Design and build a simple catapult, and test how far you can fling the red and white pom and poms. Almost to the North Pole!

Check out more fun Christmas STEM projects here.

More Christmas Activities For Kids

Printable Christmas STEM Project Pack


  • 25+ Christmas theme science and STEM activities with printable sheets, instructions, and useful information all using easy-to-source materials perfect for limited-time needs. Includes a holiday theme engineering pack with fun, problem-based challenges for kids to solve! NEW observation sheets included.
  • Try a Santa’s Letter airplane challenge or take the gingerbread house-building challenge! 
  • Explore the five senses with a specially designed Santa’s Lab pack.
  • Try a mini nature study with your favorite type of Christmas tree.
  • Try your hand at building shapes with gumdrop structure challenge cards or build shapes with jingle bells. Or try the Christmas-themed paper chain challenge!
  • Christmas Screen-free Coding activities include algorithm games, binary code ornaments, and more!
  • Explore 6+ Christmas Art Projects with famous artist-inspired activities that combine art history, process art techniques, and more with simple to-do ideas. 




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