Curious kids turn into junior scientists with these fun and simple science experiments for kindergarten. Science doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated for our younger kiddos! Here’s our list of the best kindergarten science activities that are totally doable and use simple supplies for home or in the classroom.



There is much you can teach your kindergarten age kids in science. Keep the activities playful and simple as you mix in a little of the “science” along the way.

These science activities below are also great for short attention spans. They are almost always hands-on, visually engaging, and filled with play opportunities!


Not only are these science activities an awesome introduction to higher learning concepts, but they also spark curiosity. Encourage your kids to ask questions, problem solve and find answers.

Science learning in kindergarten encourages young kids to make observations with the 5 senses including sight, sound, touch, smell, and sometimes even taste. When kids are fully able to immerse themselves in the activity, the greater the interest they will have in it!

Kids are naturally curious creatures and once you have piqued their curiosity, you have also turned on their observation skills, critical thinking skills, and experimenting skills.

Kids will naturally start to pick up on the simple science concepts presented just through having a fun conversation about it with you!


Here’s a list of more helpful resources you will want to check out. Plan a year of science using all our ideas, and you will have an awesome year of learning!

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Are science activities easy to do with young kids? You bet! The science activities you find here are inexpensive, as well as quick and easy to set up!

Many of these awesome kinder science experiments use common ingredients you may already have. Just check your kitchen cupboard for cool science supplies.

Describe An Apple Using The 5 Senses

The 5 senses are a great way for younger kids to practice their observation skills. Get kids to examine, explore, and of course taste the different varieties of apples to find out which apple is the best. Use our handy free 5 senses worksheet to extend the lesson for kids ready to journal their science experiments.

Salt Painting

Combine science and art to learn about absorption with this easy salt painting activity. All you need is a little imagination, glue, and salt!

Salt Painting

Magic Milk Experiment

The chemical reaction in this magic milk experiment is fun for kids to watch and makes for great hands-on learning.  The perfect science activity as you already have all the items for it in your kitchen.

Magic Milk Experiment

Sink or Float

Grab some common every day items and test whether they sink or float in water. An easy science activity to introduce the concept of buoyancy to our kindergarteners.

Sink or Float

Egg In Salt Water

Will an egg float or sink in salt water? This is a fun version of the sink or float activity above. Ask lots of questions and get kids thinking with this salt water density experiment.

Salt Water Density


Is it a liquid or is it a solid? Fun hands-on science and play with our easy 2 ingredient oobleck recipe.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck Science Activity for Dr. Seuss

Magnet Discovery Table

Exploring magnets makes for an awesome discovery table! Discovery tables are simple low tables set up with a theme for kids to explore. Check out some easy ideas to set up magnets for kids to explore.

Mirrors and Reflection

Mirrors are fascinating and have wonderful play and learning possibilities plus they make for great science!

Colored Carnations

It might take a little bit of time to see your white flowers change color, but this an easy science experiment for kindergarten. Get kids thinking about how the colored water moves through the plant to the flowers.

You could also do this with celery!

Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee filter flowers are a colorful STEAM activity for kids. Color a coffee filter with markers and spray with water for a fun effect.

Easy Flowers To Grow

Watching flowers grow is an amazing science lesson for kindergarten. Our hands-on growing flowers activity gives kids the opportunity to plant and grow their own flowers! Check out our list of the best seeds for little hands to pick up and plant, and grow quickly.

Growing Flowers

Seed Germination Jar

One of our most popular science experiments of all time and for good reason! What happens to seeds when you put them in the ground? Set up your own seed jars so kids can see the seeds germinating and growing towards the light.

Rain Cloud In A Jar

Where does rain come from? How do clouds make rain? Science doesn’t get much simpler than a sponge and a cup of water. Explore weather science with this rain cloud in a jar activity. 

Rain Cloud In A Jar


Introduce rainbows to kids with our printable rainbow coloring page, a coffee filter rainbow craft or this rainbow art. Or just have fun bending light to making the colors of the rainbow with simple prisms.

Ice Melt

Ice makes an amazing sensory play and science material. It’s free (unless you buy a bag), always available and pretty cool too! The simple act of melting ice is a great science activity for kindergarten.

Provide kids with squirt bottles, eye droppers, scoops, and basters and you will also work strengthening those little hands for handwriting as well. Check out our list of favorite ice play activities!

Ice Play Activities

What Absorbs Water

Explore what materials absorb water and what materials do not absorb water. Use items you already have on hand for this easy science experiment for kindergarten.

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