I am secretly in love with this glitter sensory bottle. My son said, “that is so cool”, in his I am impressed voice. This has to be the quickest! The simplest! The cheapest glitter sensory bottle to make.  We have made quite a few different sensory bottles and I am by far smitten with this one. Plus it’s mostly made up of dollar store items!

Easy Valentines Sensory Bottle with Glitter Glue

Valentines Sensory Bottle for Kids-2


Now I know that I said dollar store, and VOSS water bottle are not from the dollar store. However if you like making sensory bottles or calm down bottles, then you need these water bottles!

At a few dollars each {for the big ones}, they are an investment that will pay off. We have been reusing our bottles for over a year now. This is the first new one I have purchased, and I tried out the bigger size this time.

The part I love is how many bottles you can make with just a few dollars worth of supplies. Some glitter glue bottles sell for at least $4 a bottle. Please note that if you choose the bigger water bottle, you will need two of the glue bottles and one of the glitter jars, but you still have plenty left for more sensory bottles.

Valentines sensory bottle with dollar store glitter glue



  • VOSS Water Bottles {either size is fine}
  • Dollar Store Glitter Glue {comes three to a pack} Note that this is not a purple glitter bottle. I just used the pinkish red glitter glue before I took a picture of it.
  • Dollar Store Glitter {comes 4 to a pack}
  • Dollar Store Craft Tape
  • Water and Scissors


Step 1: Remove the label from the bottle. Use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to remove any gooey residue!

Step 2: Fill the bottle with lukewarm water {helps the glue to mix better}, distilled water is always an option too!

Step 3: Squeeze glue into the bottle. Remember for the large bottle I used two tubes of glue. You will only need one for the small bottle unless you want to add two!

Check it out! Our Valentine Slime also uses this glitter glue. 

Step 4: Dump in the vial of glitter and shake, shake, shake it, baby! It will take a little time of the glue to completely mix into the water.

Step 5. Tighten cap. We do not have a problem with our sensory bottles opening up on us. We are also not throwing them around, but we have dropped them. You can seal with hot glue {not so reusable} or put wider tape around the bottle. The dollar store has a wider version of our heart tape.

Step 6: Optional, but we used our dollar store heart themed craft tape from our Valentine’s Tinker Tray to wrap around the cap for decoration.

Valentines sensory bottle before and after calm down bottle for kids and adults

One of the things I really like about this Valentine’s sensory bottle is that when it is at rest you would never know about the awesome red/pink swirling glittery-ness that awaits. Once activated the Valentine’s sensory bottle is beautiful and slowly comes to a rest. Ready to be shaken all over again!

Easy Valentines sensory bottle for kids


Sensory bottles are often referred to as calm down bottles. Why do you ask? The time it takes you to watch the glitter glue to settle can be calming or relaxing for both kids and adults. Leave one in a handy location. It makes a nice alternative to time out and can really turn a negative situation positive again!

Shaking Valentines sensory bottle with VOSS plastic bottle

I think my son enjoys the bigger Valentine sensory bottle this time.

Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

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 A Simple Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Can Make!

Click on the link or on the image below for fun sensory ideas for kids.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    you mention glue for these bottles, but then you say no Elmers Glue. What have you found that works best? I am very excited to make these and other bottles for some of my visually impaired students.
    I look forward to hearing back soon.

  2. If you check out the supply list in the post you will see that we used glitter glue from the dollar store.

  3. I have the 11 oz or 330 ml VOSS bottle is that considered the large or the small bottle….just wondering how much glitter glue I will need for it.

  4. I found a 6 pack of even smaller Voss bottles that are nice if you want to make multiple bottles for a classroom setting, or whatnot.

  5. Can you do this with room temperature water? Will the glue eventually emulsify with the water? We would like to do this for an activity at school and warm water is difficult in a large group setting.

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