Leaf Activities Fine Motor Science Play

Leaf Activities Science and Fine Motor Skills Play

Simple leaf activities to explore Fall! I still want to celebrate Fall as long as I can before the cold of Winter settles in soon! These simple leaf activities came about from outdoor leaf pile play. Why not bring a small sensory bin of leaves inside and enjoy some easy leaf activities for encouraging fine motor skills and science play! We used our scissors, tongs, a magnifying glass and an eye dropper to encourage fine motor skills and observation skills throughout our leaf activities! We even decided to freeze our leaves to see what would happen!

Leaf Activities Sensory Fine Motor Science Play

Set up a simple sensory bin station with fine motor tools like scissors, tongs and eyedroppers. Explore leaves with a magnifying glass! These simple explorations with leaves is perfect for Fall. The leaves are falling, gather some for easy leaf activities today!

Leaf Activities Fine Motor Play Set Up

Our leaf activities and exploring leaves were all about using fine motor skills with tongs and scissors to enhance our scientific observation skills. Simple, playful sensory rich learning activities with leaves. Cutting leaves is easy and fun for practicing cutting skills. Quick and simple way to practice scissor skills even for the reluctant learner!

Leaf Activities Fine Motor Play Scissor Skills

What happens when leaves get wet? How do leaves fall of the tree? What kinds of weather would make the leaves fall? All great ideas to talk about as we explored our leaves with our leaf activities!

Leaf Activities Eye Dropper Fine Motor Play With Water

Using a magnifying glass and eye dropper is great fine motor practice and science learning all in one!

Leaf Activities Examining Leaves

I love how freezing the leaves was his suggestion! I was happy to give it a try to encourage his curiosity and observation skills to be a scientist!

Leaf activities frozen leaves water play

After observing the frozen leaves, he wanted to try and melt them with warm water using an eye dropper again for fine motor skills!

Leaf Activities Examining frozen leaves

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