Get creative with your fall activities this season and explore the world of STEM. Here are our favorite must-try printable fall STEM activities your kids will love. Fall always reminds me of apples and pumpkins, falling leaves and more. These unique, hands-on STEM ideas are sure to be a big hit and provide an educational punch too. Easy ways to make STEM projects a key part of every season!


Explore STEM This Fall

These fall theme STEM projects below are perfect for multiple age groups to enjoy and learn something from as well! Each activity comes with a free printable, making it even easier to have a fun Fall STEM activity for everyone!

These engaging fall science activities and STEM challenges invite your kids to explore, test, think, observe, and discover! Learn more about STEM below and check out our list of helpful STEM resources.

What Is STEM For Kids?

STEM sounds complicated, but it isn’t! Once you get how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) mingle, you can see how it applies to so many of the science and STEM activities you already love.

The best STEM activities encourage your kids to use at least 3 of the 4 pillars of the STEM acronym (science, technology, engineering, and math) to tackle their projects head-on, challenge what they know, and build character. The lessons STEM can teach our kids are priceless!

Have you played around with science with your kiddos? If you haven’t, you are in for a real treat. And if you have, you already know how much fun STEM activities are…

Unlock your kids’ curiosity, and spark their inner inventor! The world of science and STEM is AMAZING with these hands-on science experiments and STEM activities!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to share STEM with your kids. We have everything you need: simple-to-follow activities, low-prep ideas, easy-to-digest science information, and inexpensive supplies.

Helpful STEM Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources to help you introduce STEM more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Get your Free printable Fall STEM Challenges!

Amazing Printable Fall Activities For STEM

Click on the links below to find AMAZING fall STEM challenges and activities perfect for sharing with preschoolers, kindergarten to elementary kids. Our STEM projects always use easy-to-find materials and are easy to set up!

Looking for even more hands-on STEM activities for fall? Check out our complete collection of Fall STEM ideas here.

Apple Fractions

Enjoy edible apple fractions! Tasty math activity that explores fractions with young kids. Pair with our free apple fractions printable for awesome fall theme learning.

Apple Fractions

Apple 5 Senses Activity

There are so many different types of apples to enjoy! Take the great apple taste test and see which apple is your favorite. So simple to set up and includes a free printable worksheet.


Balancing Apples

Explore gravity with real apples and paper apples for this fun apple project.

Balancing Apple

Dissolving Candy Corn

Our dissolving candy corn experiment is a neat fall science experiment that is easy to set up with only simple supplies needed!


Fizzy Apple Art

Baking soda and vinegar science meet art for one of our favorite STEAM activities. Add this to your fall activities and you can’t go wrong!

Fizzy Apple Art

Fall LEGO STEM Challenge Cards

Get creative with your big bin of LEGO and these fantastic fall LEGO task cards!

Fall Coloring Pages (Science Theme)

These fall coloring pages explore the anatomy of fall and make the perfect addition to either your next science or art lesson! Learn about the parts of an apple, pumpkin, and leaf with these free printable fall coloring pages. Great for preschoolers as well as elementary age kiddos.

Fall 5 Senses Activities

Exploring the five senses in the fall with young kids is both playful and an educational experience. Check out these creative and engaging activities to help you make the most of this season.

How Does An Apple Grow

This great apple lesson plan includes parts of an apple activity, apple worksheets and helpful videos!


Life Cycle Of An Apple

Learn about how apples grow from a seed to become an apple tree with these printable apple life cycle worksheets.


Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin

Learn about a pumpkin life cycle with these fun life cycle of a pumpkin worksheets! Find out how many stages there are in growing a pumpkin and the parts of a pumpkin.


Pumpkin Math

Pumpkins really do make awesome tools for hands-on learning. There are so many pumpkin math activities you can try with even one small pumpkin. Printable pumpkin math worksheets included.

Stacking Apples STEM Challenge

Great STEM activities with real apples to go along with a favorite Dr. Seuss book. Free printable included!

Why Do Apples Turn Brown?

Why do apples turn brown makes for a fun fall science experiment for kids!  Get kids thinking about how to keep apples from turning brown, and learn all about the oxidation of apples.

Why Do Apples Turn Brown?

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Find out what causes leaves to change color in the fall with this fun printable lapbook project. Our printable fall leaves project makes learning easy!


Bonus Fall Printables

Fall Would You Rather Questions

Have some fun with your kids with these printable would you rather questions for Fall. Great for conversation starters or small group activities.


Acorn Game

Similar to Battleship but with a fun fall theme! Grab this free acorn game as an instant download.

More Fun Fall Activities For Kids

We have also put together a bunch of great Fall slime ideas, Fall Art and Crafts, spooky Halloween science experiments and Thanksgiving STEM activities!

Printable Fall STEM Projects Pack

This 200+ page fall theme pack complements both the apple and pumpkin packs. There are no overlaps!  

What’s Included:

  • 20+ Fall theme science and STEM activities with printable sheets, instructions, journal pages, and useful information all using easy-to-source materials perfect for limited time needs. Includes a fall theme engineering pack with fun, problem-based challenges for kids to solve
  • Leaf theme science activities include parts of a leaf, leaf coloring pages, leaf rubbing sheets, leaf graphing, and why leaves change colors information and lapbook! Go on a leaf scavenger hunt too.
  • Pinecone Pullout Pack: includes pinecone life cycle information, science investigations, and more.
  • Fall Screen Free Code Pack includes an introduction to binary code, algorithms, puzzles, and more
  • Fall Art/STEAM Projects 
  • Bonus Fall fun pack includes games and activities to round out your fall theme activities, such as brain breaks, Would You Rather cards, mystery math pictures, and more


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