Can you build a picture of yourself using only LEGO bricks? All you need is a base plate and a handful of basic bricks. Make it as easy or complicated as your imagination wants. Set a time limit if you like for an easy LEGO challenge that is sure to provide heaps of laughs! Simple LEGO building ideas are the best!


LEGO Self Portrait

A self-portrait for kids’ art lessons is a creative project where children depict themselves through art, typically drawing, painting, or crafting. It’s an opportunity for them to explore their identity, express themselves, and develop their artistic skills.

Using LEGO bricks for a self-portrait is a fantastic idea! It allows kids to think outside the box and use a different medium to represent themselves. They can build a LEGO sculpture that resembles their physical features, interests, or personality traits. They might use colored bricks to describe their hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories. Encouraging creativity and experimentation with LEGO can result in unique and engaging self-portraits that reflect each child’s individuality.

Find more fun ideas for self portrait art here!


In this LEGO challenge, you will try to build your own face using LEGO bricks and accessories.


  • LEGO bricks
  • LEGO plate to use as a base
  • LEGO accessories (circles, wheels, lights, windows, etc). Anything goes!


STEP 1. Start by sketching some ideas on our printable LEGO portrait template above. Think about what color you want for the eyes, what shape you could use for the mouth, which block you would like to use for the nose, etc. How many accessory pieces can you work into your design?

STEP 2. Choose a base plate.


STEP 3. We started our self-portrait with hair at the top.


STEP 4. Add eyes, nose, and mouth.


STEP 5. Outline the face, and you are done!



Set a time limit of 30 minutes (or more if time allows). Or make your LEGO self portrait building challenge into a race! Who can build their self portrait the fastest?


Set up a LEGO skittles game or even a football game with LEGO goal posts.

Make a balloon powered car from LEGO bricks.

Build a LEGO marble run.

Create a monochromatic LEGO mosaic for art.

Have fun painting with LEGO.

Get arty with an LEGO apple tree mosaic.

Make this abstract Mondrian inspired puzzle with LEGO bricks.

Why not teach symmetry with LEGO bricks!

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