Host your own paper football game this season! Have you ever made a paper football? It’s actually pretty easy. I know that you usually use your hands to make goal posts, but I thought I would make a simple LEGO goal post for our paper football games. Simple and fun homemade game for both kids and adults. Great rainy day activity for indoor play. Try all of our Big Game day LEGO challenge ideas below for a day full of fun and celebration!

Paper Football Game with LEGO Goal Posts

Paper Football Game with LEGO Goal Posts Screen Free ActivityPin

I have seen people play paper football games, but I didn’t know all the details. So fun! Plus it’s a simple game to throw together anytime. A homemade paper football game is a great screen-free activity for the whole family. I tracked down how to make a paper football and how to play the game!

Below you will see how we built a fun LEGO goalpost using basic bricks and then check out the tutorial I found for making the paper football.

See what else you can do with all that LEGO:

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Make a Paper Football Game

Start with making LEGO goal posts. I used basic LEGO bricks, flats, and a plate. Check out the detailed pictures to make your own. The goal should only be a couple of inches off the ground.

Put your fists on the table, point your index fingers in towards each other so their tips touch. Put your thumbs up in the air. This gives the approximate height of your LEGO goal.

Another fun LEGO game: Printable LEGO Charades

Pieces for LEGO goal post include base and standPin

I used mostly basic bricks to build the goals for our paper football game. I dressed it up a bit with a green plate {for grass} and some flat pieces to finish off the surfaces. You might even have some specialty grass pieces to add!

You can certainly get creative with your LEGO goalposts!

Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges?

We have you covered…

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How to build LEGO goal posts for DIY paper football gamePin

Make a Paper Football

Next, you need a paper football! Well, I have never made one, so I found an easy set of instructions that even I could follow! Head over to Instructables to make your paper football quickly and easily. Go ahead and decorate if you want too!

How to Play Paper Football

So I will admit I am not a football aficionado. That goes for paper football too. However, the world of YouTube was there to help me out. Check out this fun video with a father and son explaining hot to play the game. Like the title says, it’s the best ever.

YouTube video

Playing Paper Football

I will have to say that neither my son nor I have great paper football skills, but we have tons of laughs anyway. My husband is much better. My son and I enjoyed learning how to flick paper football.

There are a few ways to hold the football as you will see below. The video above also goes over the different ways to hold it. My son found the way below was easiest for him. Make sure to tip it back slightly! You can also turn it on it upside down.

More LEGO Game Day Challenges

Make it a day to celebrate all things football with your LEGO collection. Your kids will love the fun challenges and will keep them busy all day long!

  • Build the Roman numerals associated with this year’s game. Learn more about Roman numerals here.
  • Build a LEGO football field with seating! Can you use minifigs to fill the stands?
  • Build a marble maze that resembles a football field. Setup mini goalposts on one end and pretend the marble is a football that you need to get down the field (fun soccer challenge as well)
  • Build a trophy for the Big Game winners!

LEGO paper football game for kids and adultsPin

The way below is my husband’s favorite way to flick a paper football. It’s a bit harder for small kids. We had a bunch of fun with this screen-free activity. By the end, my son was trying to carefully bounce ping pong balls through the goalposts too. Hey, why not?!

Kicking a paper football through LEGO goal postPin

Next time you have an indoor day stretched out before you, enjoy some screen-free time! Turn it into a party. Host a championship playoff. Set it up for the kids on Super Big Game Day Sunday! Put out the snacks and let the fun begin. Watch out for flying paper footballs.

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Paper Football Game with LEGO Goal Posts

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Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges?

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy brick building challenges.



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