LEGO Tic Tac Toe! Who will win the treasure chest? Will it be the skeletons or the pirates? Make your own homemade LEGO tic tac toe board. This is a quick and easy DIY LEGO tic tac toe board activity perfect for rainy days or quiet time. Challenge your kids to build different sized LEGO tic tac toe games and pick their favorite characters to play.

Pirates vs. Skeletons Homemade Tic Tac Toe Board with LEGO

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Pirates, LEGOS, skeletons, buried treasure…. This simple homemade tic tac toe board game has all the adventure and intrigue a LEGO fan could ever want! I first saw an idea for a simple take along tic tac toe board from Mama. Papa. Bubba. Hers is a much more travel friendly idea, but ours could easily be packed up too! I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and my son did too. He wanted to use minifigures instead. We also changed up the size of our board and layout just a bit.

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You can make quite a few different size tic tac toe boards with different size base plates or combinations of baseplates. We chose to make a small version. Play around with a size that suits you or the LEGO plates you already have! Below you can see how we put ours together from the plates we had on hand. I liked using the flat smooth pieces to make the dividers as they provide a nice contrast!

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The tricky part is deciding on your x’s and o’s! We had to find two different groups of minifigures to represent the x’s and o’s. It’s most helpful to have two groups that don’t look alike. We have the most pirates and skeletons, but I bet some of you may have Star Wars or Super Hero mini figures or maybe police men and robbers!

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A homemade LEGO tic tac toe game is perfect for kids and also works on fine motor skills, math, and engineering!

Play your best 3 out of 5 to win the prize!

What are the stakes? What does the winner receive?

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A LEGO chest filled with treasure!

It’s almost as much fun collecting all the pieces to set up the tic tac toe game as it is to play it!

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We had tons of fun playing with our little homemade LEGO tic tac toe game. Even the adults!

What size LEGO tic tac toe board will you make?

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