Paper Sensory Bin Play

Paper Sensory Bin Shredded Paper Sensory Play

Recycled Sensory Play for Kids

Recycled paper sensory bin! Sensory bins don’t have to be expensive and difficult to set up! We always look for ways  to use what we have. Our ultimate tactile sensory play guide is a great resource for ideas. Our paper shredder was overflowing with this awesome recycled material. Why not turn it into a paper sensory bin. Grab a couple trucks and some other repurposed and recyclable items to add to the paper sensory bin play. This is one of our new favorite sensory bin fillers!

Recycled Paper Sensory Bin Set Up

For our paper sensory bin, I grabbed an empty bin and filled it with the shredded paper. This was quite entertaining all on its own! He wanted his trucks and also grabbed a box. Soon the trucks were hard at work dumping and filling. Liam was concerned with the mess he was making but I encouraged him to have fun instead!

Paper sensory bin set up

I added some tongs and other recycled materials. This was a great opportunity for us to talk together about recycling and what can be recycled! I love how sensory bins can open up communication and learning opportunities. I cut open a milk container and made a water jug into a scoop too! Bottle caps were fun to recycle into the truck. The tongs were used for stuffing paper shreds everywhere!Paper sensory bin play 1

How fun is this? Paper sensory bin play creates so many new play experiences. He had so many ideas. The play spread all around him. Yes, it got a little messy, but all you need is a broom! I encourage mess but productive play.
paper sensory bin play 2

What else can you do with a paper sensory bin? Add water!

Since we have been learning about recycling and what can be recycled, one of our books showed us that old paper can be made into new paper. How does this happen? Well, I offered a simple activity with water play to give him an idea. I filled a bucket with water (warm) and set out an empty bucket as well. Also, I  got out a few items to play such as a small strainer, tongs and a container. I had him scoop a bunch of paper into the bucket with water. We mooched, squeezed and strained the paper some. He often doesn’t like the feeling of messy play on his hands, but I love how he experimented with the paper. After a bit, he wanted to play with just water, so I quick quick made him a simple water transfer activity. He was happy! For another take on paper making play check out Stir The Wonder‘s sensory play idea!

paper sensory bin water play

Simple Paper Sensory Bin Play is a wonderful learning experience for kids. Teach recycling through hands-on play!

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paper roll finished drawing


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  1. I like the idea of using shredded paper and I’m sure my toddler will have a blast with it. He usually doesn’t like to get dirty/slimy textures on his hands, so I’m curious to see how he’d react to the combination of water and paper.

  2. Now this looks like a very promising project. I’ve also seen a post in the internet where they covered the whole floor in their room with a paper mache kind of flooring, and they made some art work out of it.

    Definitely a great idea to come along with recycling.

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