When your kids are ready to extend a science experiment, try these free printable science experiment worksheets! Also included are the steps for the scientific method and quick science information.

Free Printable Science Experiments Worksheets

Simple Science Worksheets

Adding a science worksheet or journal page is the perfect way to expand a science experiment for older kids in elementary and middle school. Go ahead and start a science journal! Below, you’ll find more free printable science experiment templates to get started.

Until now, we have enjoyed simple science activities with a fun conversation about what was happening. Now with these science experiment worksheets, he can write down what he is thinking about too!

Also, look for helpful science resources below and at the end of this article!

Science Experiments By Age

  • Toddler Science
  • Preschool Science
  • Kindergarten Science
  • Elementary School Science
  • Middle School Science

What is the Scientific Method for Kids?

The scientific method is a process or method of research. A problem is identified, information about the problem is gathered, a hypothesis or question is formulated from the information, and the hypothesis is tested with an experiment to prove or disprove its validity. 

Sounds heavy… What in the world does that mean?!? It means you don’t need to try and solve the world’s biggest science questions! The scientific method is all about studying and learning things right around you.

As children develop practices that involve creating, gathering data evaluating, analyzing, and communicating, they can apply these critical thinking skills to any situation.

Note: The use of the best Science and Engineering Practices is also relevant to the topic of using the scientific method. Read more here and see if it fits your science planning needs.

READ MORE HERE: Using The Scientific Method with Kids

Free Science Experiment Worksheet Template

Within this free science process pack download, you’ll find science worksheets that work well for younger kids and then science worksheets that work well for older kids. Next, check out the cool printable science experiments below.

Printable Science Experiments and Activities

Here’s a fantastic collection, but not exhaustive of our printable science experiments. From preschool to 7th grade, there’s something for every age and stage. Plus, this is a growing resource. I have plenty more awesome science activities to add!


PH Scale

Physical Change


Build an Atom


Plant Cells

Plant Cell Collage

Animal Cells

Animal Cell Collage



Dissolving Candy

Gummy Bear Osmosis

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More Helpful Science Resources


It is never too early to introduce some fantastic science words to kids. Get them started with a printable science vocabulary word list. You will want to incorporate these simple terms into your next science lesson!


Think like a scientist! Act like a scientist! Scientists like you and me are also curious about the world around them. Learn about the different types of scientists and what they do to increase their understanding of their specific areas of interest. Read What Is A Scientist


Sometimes the best way to introduce science concepts is through a colorfully illustrated book with characters your kids can relate to! Check out this fantastic list of science books that are teacher approved, and get ready to spark curiosity and exploration!


A new approach to teaching science is called Best Science Practices. These eight science and engineering practices are less structured and allow a more freeflowing approach to problem-solving and finding answers. These skills are critical to developing future engineers, inventors, and scientists!

Click on the image below or on the link for more printable science worksheets for preschool and elementary.


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