Can you believe this is a very simple water science experiment you can do in little time if necessary! I set this solid, liquid, gas experiment up for us at home while I was making breakfast.

I have had lots of request from the science experiment section of the Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature. Very simple but important science concepts are explained in the perfect way for young children and moms who may have forgotten a few things! Here is a fun states of matter science experiment we chose to try out.


Solids, Liquids Gasses Preschool water science experiment


So what exactly is a scientist and how can you encourage your kids to be good scientists without a whole lot of effort, fancy equipment, or too difficult activities that create confusion rather than curiosity?

A scientist is a person who seeks to acquire knowledge about the natural world. Guess what? Kids do that naturally because they are still learning and exploring the world around them. All that exploring brings up a lot of questions!

A good scientist also asks questions as they explore the natural world, and we can further encourage this with these super simple science experiments. Knowledge is gained through all of these questions, explorations, and discoveries! Let’s help them with fun science activities that really spark their inner scientist.

Solid, liquid, gas experiments with the Berenstain Bears is so awesome. I had this book when I was little too.

liquids solids gasses water science experiment book



  • water
  • ice cubes
  • large bowl or two
  • tongs (optional)


Step 1: Fill a bowl full of ice! Here’s the solid – frozen water.

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give a 2nd bowl and a pair of tongs to transfer and play with the ice. Yes, around here we can make anything into sensory play with fine motor skills.

We talked about what is a solid and looked at the picture from the book. Solids have a shape! We looked around the house to spot other things that are solids and also read through the examples in the book.

Learn more about solids, liquids and gases!

liquids solids gasses water science experiment exploring solids

Step 2: Let the ice melt! Here’s the liquid – water.

Ok, so this could be the long part of the water science experiment unless you A) add warm water to the bowl or B) bring out a bowl of water to use and pretend you let the ice melt. We talked about how water is still matter but it flows and has a shape that changes.

liquids solids gasses water science experiment exploring liquids

Step 3: Carefully boil the water. The steam is the gas!

Liam loved seeing the steam and was very excited. We talked about how the steam still takes up space but really has no shape. It just goes everywhere. Water science experiments have been a favorite lately!

solids liquids gasses exploring gasses

Looking for easy science process information? 

We have you covered…

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Click on the image below or on the link for more easy science experiments with water.

The 100 Days of Summer STEM continues with week 4: Water Science Activities. This week is all about water because water and summer science go together perfectly. Simple science activities that you can really pull off, are simple to set up, and kids love! What's better then that? Here, we love to do simple science and STEM activities all year long.


  1. This looks fun! I always considered matter are too complicated (for preschooler and me!) but this is explained in a child-friendly way. (Even I understand it! lol!) I’m totally going to have to look for that Bernstein Bears book!

  2. Great idea and presentation,I tweaked it just a little and poured warm water over the ice to make steam and then of course it is the liquid! Thanks for sharing!

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