Enjoy winter activities no matter what your climate looks like. Whether you have beach weather or snowman weather, a snowman sensory bottle is a versatile winter activity for kids to make with you!  It’s mid-December here and pretty warm, 60 degrees warm! There is not one flake of snow in the air or in the forecast. So what do you instead of building a real snowman? Build a snowman bottle instead.


Easy to make snowman sensory bottle for kids winter activities


This super cute snowman sensory bottle is a quick and easy winter activity for everyone to enjoy. It also makes what some people like to call a calm down bottle for kids who need to take a “sensory” break or just relax and chill (like a snowman).

My son just loves to shake it like crazy, let it settle, and then shake again. We have made tons of cool sensory bottles including our popular and inexpensive glitter bottles, a Minion bottle, beach bottle, TMNT bottles, and science discovery bottles.

The possibilities of items to put in sensory bottles are endless and work well with very young kids to older kids!

snowman sensory bottles with scarves


We use and reuse as much of our supplies as possible. Our melting snowman slime is super cool to make and also used some of the same materials. Save everything! We also joked that it’s a melting snowman sensory bottle too.

You also have to check out our super popular melting snowman chemistry experiment too! Classic baking soda science with a wintery twist. Also if you need a real snow melting snow man STEM project we have that too.

Snowman sensory bottle with glitter glue


  • Water bottle {we like the plastic VOSS bottles from the grocery store}
  • Clear glue
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Snowflake confetti and sequins
  • Buttons and beads for eyes and decoration
  • Orange foam for noses
  • Pipe cleaners or fabric scraps for scarves
  • Sharpies for drawing on the bottles {can also be removed with rubbing alcohol}

This is the perfect activity to let your kids get creative! We used what we had on hand, but the possibilities for decorating your snowman bottle are endless. Check out what you have around the house or classroom to make your own unique snowman sensory bottle.

Pouring water into bottle for snowman bottle

Squeezing glue into Voss bottle for winter sensory bottle

Adding glitter to snowman sensory bottle

Cutting orange foam nose for snowman sensory bottle

Drawing on eyes on snowman sensory bottle

tying blue fleece scarf on snowman sensory bottle

shaking snowmen sensory bottles



  •  Empty glue into the water bottle. {You can use the whole bottle or divide up between kids.} The glue helps slow the settling of the glitter and sequins. The more you use the slower the glitter settles, so how much is up to you.
  •  Fill up with room temperature water if your bottle was empty.
  •  Add glitter and other decorations
  •  Seal lid. We do not glue our lids and reuse our bottles. You will have to make the judgmental call for your home or school if it’s necessary.
  •  Draw on your bottle. Give your snowman sensory bottle a face and buttons.
  •  Add a scarf and glue on a nose from foam paper or construction paper. You could also use an orange Sharpie to draw one on too.
  • To make a scarf, cut a long strip of fabric and simply tie in a knot. Cut fringe with scissors!

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The thicker the liquid the higher the viscosity. The clear glue has a higher viscosity than the water, so it slows the fall of the glitter. If you can, have your kids measure out the same amount of glue and water. Which one pours faster?


Shaking snowman sensory bottle

Get ready to shake and enjoy your Winter in a bottle with our quick and easy snowman sensory bottle.

Snowman sensory bottle or maelting snowman activity for kids

Whether you have snow or not, this simple Winter sensory bottle idea is fun for kids.


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winter science ideas



  1. I would like to make this for a classroom activity for my daughters Christmas party. How much glue per bottle do you think I will need?

  2. The more glue the slower the glitter falls. You can probably split a bottle between two. I know amazon sells gallons of clear glue now which may be a better option cost wise.

  3. I am outraged! What kind of language is this. “My son just loves to SHAKE THE HELL OUT OF IT, let it settle, and then shake again.” This kind of language should not be on this website. I thought this was a kid friendly website. I let my child come on here and look for activities and I am so surprised to find this kind of language on here that I would definitely NOT want my son to be reading and much less saying out loud!

  4. You’re absolutely right and I apologize. It’s corrected. Out of the 1,000 plus posts I have written, I don’t usually speak like that. Thank you.

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