Even a well-made snowman won’t last forever, and you end up with a melted snowman at some point. Unless, of course, you don’t live where there is snow! However, every kid can experience this melting snowman slime recipe with or without the fluffy white stuff! Our homemade slime recipes will have you making amazing snow slime in no time for your melted snowman!

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The kids will love turning a favorite winter activity into slime with this super easy snow slime! Our melted snowman slime recipe is perfect for little hands. This is just one of our many snow slime recipes to try!

Slime making is even more fun when you add in creative themes like this frosty melting snowman. We have quite a few to share, and we are always adding more. Our Homemade Melting Snowman Slime Recipe is yet another AMAZING slime recipe we can show you how to make.

Slime Science

We always like to include a bit of homemade slime science around here, and that’s perfect for exploring Chemistry with a fun melting snowman theme. Slime is an excellent chemistry demonstration and kids love it too! Mixtures, substances, polymers, cross linking, states of matter, elasticity, and viscosity are just a few of the science concepts that can be explored with homemade slime!

What’s the science behind the slime? The borate ions in the slime activators  (sodium borate, borax powder, or boric acid) mix with the PVA (polyvinyl-acetate) glue and forms this cool stretchy substance. This is called cross linking!

The glue is a polymer and is made up of long, repeating, and identical strands or molecules. These molecules with flow past one another keeping the glue in a liquid state. Until…

You add the borate ions to the mixture, it starts to connect these long strands together. They begin to tangle and mix until the substance is less like the liquid you started with and thicker and rubbery like slime! Slime is a polymer.

Picture the difference between wet spaghetti and leftover spaghetti the next day. As the slime forms the tangled molecule strands are much like the clump of spaghetti!

Is slime a liquid or solid? We call it a Non-Newtonian fluid because it’s a little bit of both! Experiment with making the slime more or less viscous with varying amounts of foam beads. Can you change the density?

Read more about slime science here!

Easy Snow Slime Ideas

We made this Snowman slime with white glue, a styrofoam ball, and fun accessories. However, clear glue is super easy to use and also works well for this recipe, but your look will be slightly different!

Come up with your own favorite snow theme slimes:

  • Try adding a cup of white foam beads to the recipe for a floam slime. The more beads you add, the stiffer the slime.
  • Try mixing in a cup of fake snow for a seasonal touch.
  • Make a white fluffy slime instead and decorate like a snowman!
  • Use insta-snow to make cloud slime as your melting snowman base!


Melting Snowman Recipe

The slime activator for this melting snowman slime is saline solution.

Now if you don’t want to use saline solution, you can absolutely test out one of our other basic recipes using liquid starch or borax powder. We have tested all three recipes with equal success!


  • 1/2 cup of Elmer’s White Glue per slime batch
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda per slime batch
  • 1 tbsp of saline solution (see recommended slime supplies for brands) per slime batch
  • Foam ball (creating snowman head)
  • Snowman accessories like google eyes, buttons, and foam carrot noses


STEP 1:  In a bowl, mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup of glue together. Combine completely.

STEP 2: Stir in 1/2 tsp baking soda.

Baking soda helps to firm and form the slime. You can play around with how much you add but we prefer between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp per batch. Why do you need baking soda for slime? Baking soda helps to improve the firmness of the slime. You can experiment with the ratios!

STEP 3: Mix in 1 tbsp saline solution and stir until slime forms and pulls away from side of the bowl.   This is exactly how much you will need with the Target Sensitive Eyes brand, but other brands may differ slightly!

If your slime still feels too sticky, you may need a few more drops of saline solution. As I mentioned above, start by squirting a few drops of the solution onto your hands and kneading your slime longer. You can always add but you can’t take away.  Saline solution is preferred over contact solution.

STEP 5:  Start kneading your slime! It will appear stringy at first but just work it around with your hands and you will notice the consistency changes. You can also put it in a clean container and set it aside for 3 minutes, and you will also notice the change in consistency! 

SLIME TIP:   We always recommend kneading your slime well after mixing. Kneading the slime really helps to improve its consistency. The trick with this slime is to put a few drops of the saline solution onto your hands before picking up the slime.

You can knead the slime in the bowl before you pick it up as well. This slime is stretchy but can be stickier. However, keep in mind that although adding more activator (saline solution) reduces the stickiness, and it will eventually create a stiffer slime.

Use our “How To Fix Your Slime” guide if you are having trouble, and make sure to watch my live start-to-finish slime video here.

Slime Snowman Play

Grab your styrofoam ball and accessories and decorate your own melting snowman. You can stretch the slime and place on top of the styrofoam ball or you can let it ooze down the surface fo the ball on it’s own. Add your own details for a unique snowman!

No foam ball? Don’t worry, your melting snowman will just be in a more melted stage. You can let your snowman slime spread out on a cookie sheet or in a pie dish and then decorate as desired!


Storing Your Slime

Slime lasts quite a while! I get a lot of questions regarding how I store my slime. We use reusable containers in either plastic or glass. Make sure to keep your slime clean and it will last for several weeks. I love the deli style containers in my recommended slime supplies list here.

More Cool Slime Recipes to Try

More Snowman Activities for Kids

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Printable Winter Slime Project Pack

  • Easy to follow slime recipes for fluffy slime, borax slime, liquid starch slime, and saline solution slime.
  • Fun winter-theme slime recipes for extra creative slime time!
  • Combine slime and math with easy-to-use printable sheets for hands-on learning.
  • Find fun ways to experiment with slime science, including science information and essential vocabulary words.
  • Cool slimy theme activities perfect for centers, early finishers, or classroom party time!



  1. Help! I tried making slime today, and it’s a liquidy mess. Does it solidify right away? I tried two times and both are just gross liquid. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Yikes! I am not quite sure what to tell you. feel free to message my fb page with a picture if you have it. The glue and water mixture should be a 1/2c and a 1/2c each and then the starch a 1/2c. Mix mix mix with your hands incorporating all ingredients and then remove from bowl as there will be excess liquid. You may need to let it hang out for 15 mins and make sure to drain again if needed. Put in a dry container and play!

  3. I just love this version of slime! The melting snowman idea is adorable and since we don’t get any real snow around here it will be a real treat for my munchkins 🙂

  4. I LOOOVVVVEEE this slime! Maybe it’s because we don’t get snow around here, but I think this is just the coolest slime I’ve yet to see! Can’t wait to “melt” our own snowmen! Pinned and shared for others to enjoy as well 🙂

  5. I was wondering if this can be made ahead and saved in an airtight container. I was thinking about making it for gifts for my students, but would like them to get more than one play out of it.

  6. An airtight container isn’t always best but a lightly placed cover might work. Slime is good for a while. I have kept ours for over a week.

  7. Love it! Do you remember where you found those little snowman pieces? (hats, carrots, etc). Thanks!

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