We are enjoying a bunch of fun science activities in preparation for St Patricks Day with a leprechaun theme. My little leprechaun hopes he catches one of the sneaky little guys this year. Let’s see if he builds a trap good enough! In the mean time, how about a little St Patricks Day ice melt science activity. The poor leprechaun’s pot of gold is frozen along with his treasure. Can you help him?

St Patricks Day Ice Melt Science Activity

St Patricks Day Ice Melt Science Activity and Coin Hunt

This St Patricks Day ice melt activity is a great extension to our previous science activity which was a sink the pot coin STEM experimentBoth of these St Patricks Day science ideas are super easy to set up and use similar supplies!

St Patricks Day STEM Challenge Cards


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Mini Black Pot/Kettle

Gold Coins

Gold Glitter

Jewels in Rainbow Colors

Eyedropper and Squeeze Bottle





To set up this St Patricks Day ice melt activity make sure to plan for the freezing time! It is very important to freeze your items in layers! This way you have treasures all the way through and it is that more fun. With this container, I froze in two levels with pennies, jewels, coins, and glitter on each. The pot I put in the first level as well. You will need to fill the pot with pennies to sink it. Make sure it freezes completely before adding the next layer. Below you can see I finished it off with glitter and coins. Below that you can see the underside of the block completely frozen.


Here is the ice block flipped over! Our St Patricks Day ice melt science activity is ready for exploring.

St patricks Day Ice Melt Activity with Gold Coins

Ice melting science activities cover so many fun learning topics for young kids. Not only is this a fun and simple science concept, it is also a great fine motor activity. Throw in a book or two about St. Patrick’s Day and you have covered literacy too. Make sure to count the coins for math skills.

Why is the ice melting? What does the ice feel like? Reversible or Irreversible change?


Eyedroppers are a really fun way to practice fine motor skills. My son has been using them for three years now and loves our eyedropper activities. Check out all the awesome fine motor finger grasp.




Another big time favorite here is squeeze bottles. They are also excellent fine motor work and strengthen hand muscles. Fine motor skills practice is great fun with a holiday theme.


Simple science you can whip up in the kitchen or anywhere you have a freezer! There is so much learning but also much fun happening too. Let me say this also can be an hour long engaging activity even for the most active kids {like my son}. Adults find it fun too. Trust me I know!

Fun St Patricks Day Ice Melt Science Activity

St Patricks Day Ice Melting Activity Coin Hunt


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